2013 Districts 11 and 12 page see sideline for states

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For me, the "extra" shots, what most photographers  call the B roll filler are the stuff that brings the memories to life. The quiet moments, the talks to the coach, the line up with the referee and the "little fishes" swimming up to the side to talk to coach. Those memories linger longer, at least, in my mind than all the power shots I can get. But, if you looking for those shots there are plenty. These are the best games of the year.  Just scroll down on this page for the games.

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Tuesday, April 16

Sadly, I had to leave the Coral Springs vs Northeast game before it started.  A few of my usual for Mom, Dad and Facebook shots are here - just click.

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Wednesday April 17 District 11 at the Nova Aquatic Center

cypress bay girls vs hh 4-17-13-34

For the girls of Cypress Bay playing against Hollywood Hills just click here.

cypress bay vs hollywood hills 4-17-13-160

For the boys of Cypress bay against Hollywood Hills click here

nova girls vs western 4-17-13-39

Nova Titans girls game against Western can be accessed by clicking here

nova titans vs western 4-17-13-78

For the western vs Nova boys game please click here and remember to chance browsers if there is a problem

Thursday, April 18 - the District 11 Championship games

western girls vs cypress link-1

Western girls vs Cypress bay final game click here.

cypress bay vs nova hot-1-6

Cypress Bay vs Nova Titan boys - final game district 11 Championships click here for images

Friday, April 19 - Pembroke Pines Charter hosts the District 12 games

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Charter boys prepare for a long day of hosting the games!

The AM sessions:

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If you want to a fantastic game between two fine teams - South Broward and Pines Charter just click here

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Pines Charter - just a lovely place to go to school. Even with the address I drove past twice - I did not recognize it as a school. I won't make that mistake again and look forward to another visit.

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We end the AM sessions with a hard fought contest between Flanagan and Cooper City. To see the action click here.

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District 12 - the PM sessions

south broward girls vs cooper city 4-19-13-34

The ladies championship game between South Broward and Cooper City can be found here.

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The men's championship action between Cooper City and Pembroke Pines Charter can be found here. By the way, I felt privileged to have seen these two fine teams play each other again - there was no loser here.