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cscs jv vs gibbons 12-20-12-3(1)

I started my move to Florida from New Jersey by working with a wonderful school called Coral Springs Charter. They had no water polo so I started with Coral Springs High School and did a lot with South Florida Club team.

In 2013 I began to concentrate on one school with all the sports i wanted - even volley ball and fencing ! Also, as a church school my volunteer work there adds another emotional dimension. All the kids I’ve worked with have been terrific both in Florida and in New Jersey - if the youngsters I’ve met are any gauge then this country is in a lot better shape then I thought. So it is with some sadness but a greater amount of joy that I turn my work exclusively to Belen Jesuit.

belen jv vs columbus 3-14-14-11
belen h2o vs dr. philips  3-8-14 @ wild cat-165