Guys - I take a lot of portrait shots - show your MOTHER! please....

Despite the outcome for the South Plainfield freshman boys the game was

exciting. In fact, I'm beginning to question my long held belief that I'm not very good at basketball photography; it might just be because I don't go to enough games to develop my timing and insight. I have to process that idea before the next season. I have taken a "shine" to this group.  The photos are up to the right.

Just some freshman I met who seemed to be in need of facebook shots  - so I went to their game - see the hot link to the right. & at wrestling districts I spoke to the freshman baseball coach - I hear you guys are pretty darn good! I look forward to the season.

SPHS Basketball-1-2

The shots from the J.P.Stevens game are up and ready - the JV and the Varsity are together - not mixed up - just in the same gallery - double click on the hot link to the right.

Finally, I got to a basketball game.  I do feel bad that I neglect the sport and the players- well, actual retirement is pending - I'll have more time.  One hopes. I'm always concerned that my lack of practice can be seen in the photos as my timing ( this requires split second understanding of the game ) anticipation of action can never be what they are for my main sports of wrestling, swimming, soccer and baseball.  

I did make a lot of effort and would love to hear from you - feedback is always helpful. Comments are enabled on this page, there is a contact page to email me and the gallery allows you to mark photos you like or dislike, comment on a photo or the entire gallery. please free  to use these tools.

SPHS vs WHS Varsity Basketball-149

The photos from the SPHS varsity game against WHS are up and can be reached by double clicking on the label to the right.