Belen baseball Spring 2014

I dearly miss my 4 to 5 hours every Sunday in the dugout with the freshman fall team.  I hope I find the time to do justice to them this spring - spring is so very busy. water polo, track, lacrosse, baseball - even if I don’t include volleyball and tennis. Oh well, we are off to the races and I can vacation in June………..

First up:

belen varsity vs columbus 2-10-14-165

Belen Jesuit varsity vs Columbus - great location and venue. Looking forward to my next varsity outing. But, water polo starts on Friday with the Coral Springs International tournament - teams from Hungary and Brazil. See what I mean - spring in hectic!

belen frosh vs southidge g1 3-2-14-75

At last! Seriously, I have missed my freshmen buddies - that fall league series of Sunday double headers gave me the time and opportunity to get to know them and to miss them. They could play every Sunday all year long and I would be there. Besides, these Sunday games give me some room in the week to get to other games - like, a varsity game….

alejandro pitching-27

I was at Belen on 3/11 but I was there for the track meet - my goal is to give as many memories to as many families as possible. Yes, I have favorite sports and they get some extra coverage - I’m all too human. But, my goal remains and track has so many participants that I get a lot of coverage of so many Belen students.  Still - I stole a little time to see Alejandro pitch as i have not seen him at our Sunday outings. Speaking of which I can’t wait for our next time together.  Alejandro’s link is to the right.

frosh vs south dade game one 3-9-14-27

I’m inundated with photo work this week - I’m shooting every day. But, I have placed the 304 images of game one of the series at South Dade up on the gallery site - the link is to the right - if you’ve been checking the second game is now loaded. 

jv vs gibbons 3-22-14-48

Finally made it to a varsity baseball game followed by a JV game. While I wanted, in my heart, to stay for the second JV game - my body would not allow it. I have two long games in me but not three - not anymore!

jv vs gibbons 3-22-14-41

it is getting harder and harder to shoot baseball - love the game but the logistics are worse than ever. Our society is so litigious that our fields are enclosed in so much fencing it is next to impossible to find a nook or an opening to shoot from. I do the best i can and hope that these please you.

varsity vs pace 3-28-14-21

The varsity game vs Pace is done - I’m working on the JV double header vs Archbishop McCarthy. I had a great time at McCarthy - they were gracious even played a reggaeton rendition  of “El Burrito de Belen” - hey they meant well………

jv vs archbishop mccarthy 3-29-14-11

A long Sunday is underway ( i have to watch not to turn this site into a mini face book - it’s about you not me ) - I have just loaded game one of the Archbishop McCarthy games to the gallery ( link to the right ) but, I’m off to shoot the Freshmen at Coral Reef - a long drive from Broward so I’ll get back to game two when I get home.

I’m loaded up with bubble gum and seeds and looking forward to my Sunday “picnic “  two great games with the Freshman……. my personal dream team - game one is done:

frosh game 1 vs palmetto 3-30-14-60
belen jv vs somerset 4-12-14-211

I’m sorry that I came so late to the JV baseball team - tremendous group and lovely parents. My only poor excuse is the sheer number of teams in the Spring. If a volunteer  who works without compensation can be said to have a “busy” season this is it. Back to back games and freshman, JV and varsity squads make my head spin. I never did get to Tennis and I ignore the Middle School. Yet Belen is such a powerhouse of track I felt I had to cover the last MS track meet - so I ran back and forth - thus there are not two games listed, anything I took on 4/12 is in the link to the right.

belen jv vs somerset 4-12-14-196
frosh game one 4-13-14-106

Sorry for the delay, spring is very busy with so many teams and sports and this was a  very busy week. I hope to see many of you at Belen for the first district game on 4/21 - cheer our guys on……..

varsity vs university 4-15-14-13

Finally, close to my goal of being caught up with processing and posting before Easter Sunday - if only so I’m ready for districts on Monday. This week was a mess, starting with a track meet, 2 JV and 2 Freshman games on last Saturday and Sunday. I have just placed the varsity game against University up - working on Alonso Morning - if it’s not there just check back it will be soon…………..

varsity vs terra districts game 1 4-21-14-49

AND……………..we arrive at districts hosted at Belen - I was, of course, delighted by the victory over Terra but would appreciate less of a nail biter on Thursday. God bless and congratulations.

Also, please, please, please - show this site to your parents. Just who do you think all the portrait shots are for??? Im still amazed to meet parents who have never head of me and my site.

varsity vs terra districts game 1 4-21-14-259