Belen Baseball - 2012-2013 including fall 2013

jv vs belen-155
cscs jv vs belen jesuit prep. 3-22-13-79

The pages of this site amply document that I follow Coral Springs Charter - a local team to me in Broward. Great kids, coaches and a fine record.

This year, I plan to also cover Belen as much as is possible. I hope you find my work appealing - I have a style that seeks to capture the player as central and not the sport. The environmental portrait is what will be cherished long after the slide in to home plate is forgotten.

cscs jv vs belen jesuit prep. 3-22-13-154

Sunday, 9/22/13 I Started , what I hope will be a very long relationship,  by going to a Belen fall league game - the Freshman vs Lasalle.  A double header and I was struck by both the quality of the play and the pleasant, sociable behavior of then Belen students. I admit I have a soft spot for Belen - these guys are terrific!

belen frosh vs laalle 9-22-13-12
belen frosh vs braddock game 1 10-6-13-134

Hot, Hot , Hot - sounds like and old disco song but it well describes the day we had.  Yet, I had a great time - honestly, you guys are  worth it.

Note: the link to the Braddock game has been fixed.

belen frosh game 2 at killian 10-13-13-34

O.K. Neither game went the way we wanted. But, as always I had a great time with you guys - next Sunday is another chance……………..

belen fall varsity vs pace 10-16-13-91
belen fall varsity vs pace 10-16-13-39

My first varsity game. Finally, I have a schedule and will do all I can to fit in some games. I wish you guys played on the weekends like the Freshman - during the week the regular season sports get priority. 

I think the shots came out well. I hope you enjoy them.

belen frosh vs columbus game 1 10-20-13-28

Game one & two of Columbus double headed - done and ready - 

belen frosh vs columbus game 2 10-20-13-12

Looking forward to next week - so sad I only see you guys once a week - I can't think of a way I would rather spend my Sunday.

belen varsity vs flanagan 10-22-13-186

Varsity vs Flanagan.  More than 400 photos loaded - as usual there are a lot of environmental portraits for your parents - so don't keep this site a secret.  

These are the pictures that will be cherished long after the home run hit fades from memory - besides, how do I show a home run without video? The portraits are a labor of love - I hope you like them.

belen frosh vs killian 10-27-13-3

Freshman at Killian double header. No matter the score, no matter the circumstances ,I would rather spend my afternoon with this group than any other. 

I'm happy that your freshmen and I have four years.

belen varsity v flanagan 10-29-13-14

Varsity vs Flanagan

Why is it so hot and contrasty at that field?  Lovely day, arrive at Flanagan and enter the broiler - or, at least, a tanning both. 

On the good side this time of year the Sun is lower on the horizon with greater amounts 0f red and yellow light - it can be controlled enough to give drama without removing so much that the light is wrong - it makes for some dramatic portraits - which are always my intended gift and pride.

belen frosh vs columbus 11-3-13-58

I spoke to a varsity parent who had no idea that there is a source of photos for his son. PLEASE share this site with your parents - I take so many portrait shots - who do you think they are for?

belen varsity 11-11-13-3

I bid a fond farewell to the Fall games. I had a wonderful time and since I firmly believe that my photography is better as I come to know the athletes I know that the time was well spent and will show up in enhanced captures during the regular season. Thank you so very much!

belen varsity vs lasalle 11-16-13-38