Belen Basketball 2014-15

Last year was my first year to cover basketball at Belen. For years I have “hated” the game. Saw no point, could not get my mind around how to shoot it. Well, the Belen boys are always able to make me bond with them - and what do you know? Like them and suddenly you like the sport and then, suddenly, the game starts to make sense - probably because I started to pay attention to what I saw in the gym. OK, I’ve been wrong before and this time it was a very pleasant experience to be so very wrong.

Belen vs mater jf with xf and bkt-19

It’s early on but it seems that conditioning has started….. Oh , how they used to laugh at the xc boys running their 5 or 7 miles a day - now, I hear, “please coach is it over yet”  - can’t wait for the season to start

belen vs miamii springs jv 11-18-14-184

The season started with three game series at home - loved the games, the excitement, the chance to talk to you all again. But, oh my ancient bones - a long night. Worth it though. The games are going up - JV - then varsity and then Freshman. Look to the sidebar for the link:

belen varsity vs miami springs 11-19-14-47
belen frosh vs 11-18-14-121
belen jv vs reagan 11-20-14-38

Sorry, I was so slow to put these up.  Things happen…. but there’re going up now in the normal order JV then Varsity ( that’s the order I shot so it’s a lot easier for me ) that my database is built in.

belen varsity vs reagan 11-20-14-3
belen jv vs coral park 11-24-14-178

I shot two soccer games and 5 basketball games ( Gold and a bit of blue ) on Monday and Tuesday and on Wednesday a procedure to my left eye so things are backed up and going a bit slowly - but, JV is up for Coral Park - just check this space - I’m working!

belen varsity vs coral park 11-24-14-6

The “procedure” went very well. But, forced me to cancel travel plans; however, the silver lining is that I have the time to catch up on Monday and Tuesday’s marathon. Varsity vs Coral Park is up - working on the rest.

belen blue vs re 11-25-14-41

Moving on, dinner is in the oven and the Blue and Gold games are loaded - on to JV and Varsity!

belen jv vs mater 11-25-14-76

The JV game vs Mater was just terrific - I love a good contest and a good win - 

And, finally caught up - varsity vs Mater is to the right…….

belen varsity vs mater 11-25-14-35
belen varsity vs terra 12-3-14-118

 The varsity and JV vs Terra are done!  Guys, I have been shooting like crazy - a soccer game and then a basketball game - I’ll a bit backed up - just came home from wrestling - whew! Anyway, I will catch up - you know I will - just check this space.

belen jv vs doral 12-4-14-57
belen jv vs killian 1-1-15-53

The gym at Doral was small, and loud - but, some of the brightest lighting around - what a relief…….. 

Thank God the break is almost over and I can get back to sports- sorry guys but I’ve missed you.  Also, my thanks to the JV for letting me know the time of your game - sorry varsity I had no idea. But, tomorrow I’ll shoot both teams - 

tournament winners 2-1

The JV team of Belen Jesuit are tournament Champions!  Click on the photo to be taken to the team photo galleries for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams. 

belen vs palmeto 1-2-15-172

The varsity game vs Palmetto at Florida Christian is now done - sorry I had to finish the Belen tournament first. Looking forward to the next game.

belen gold vs ahp 1-5-15-14

So good to be back.  Yeah, I know you have to study hard and handle it all with hard practices……. but, I get to play and I love it.  On Monday I saw two fine games - MS Gold and the freshmen team just romped all over the kids from American Heritage Plantation.

belen gold vs ahp 1-5-15-16
belen frosh vs ahp 1-5-15-283

I made a promise at this game to get to the Freshman games vs Columbus - i plan to make that happen and get to another Gold team game very soon. I had a great time.

belen jv vs mater 1-7-15-7

ANOTHER great game for the JV and as tiny as the gym at Mater is - the lights are great. You have no idea how important that is for a photographer. Also- I tried to mix things up with a wide angle lens for some of the shots . I like the results…. let me know what you think.

I’ve finished the varsity game - sorry to miss the Terra game but I had company come from out of town -

zbelen varsity vs mater 1-7-15-136-2
ms blue vs nw christian 1-12-15-153

I finally made it to another MS game - this tine the Blue Team. I was delighted - Hey guys you lost by a few points but almost played those big guys to a standstill.  You die yourselves proud!

belen varsity vs doral 1-12-15-11

Up both late and early trying to keep up with all the soccer and basketball this week. Belen even hosts a wrestling tournament this weekend. I guess I sleep after the season. this mooring for your viewing pleasure:  Doral.

belen 9th grade vs columbus 1-13-15-186

Frosh/Columbus - the rivalry continues. Some you win some you lose - just keep coming back and challenging yourselves to overcome adversity. Each day the Sun comes up over the horizon and your horizons are always so very bright.

belen varsity vs miami jackson 1-14-15-32
belen varsity vs miami jackson 1-14-15-94
belen varsity vs columbus 1-16-15-17

What can I say about the Columbus game?  I’m self admittedly ignorant of the fine points of the game; but even an expert would have a hard time discerning the deciding factors when the game comes down to a few points. OK. I’ll guess - maybe a few less fouls would have given them a few less easy shots?? 

What do I know? very little except that, as always, I had a wonderful time just watching you guys……….

belen frosh vs ahp 1-15-15-267

I just had a very long few days : starting with Wednesday’s 2pm  soccer game , me. jv& varsity basketball, Thursday’s MS and Freshman basketball games, the fantastic UM games and, last of the week on Saturday Belen hosted a 9 school wrestling tournament………. in short a great week for me and I am totally caught up with processing.   See you Tuesday at the Freshman ( frosh ) basketball game.

belen frosh vs ahp 1-15-15-77

belen frosh vs arch mac. 1-20-15-170

I’m sad that the season is coming to it’s inevitable end , all to soon I will be switching my sport coverage to the Spring teams. While I look forward to them I have had a wonderful time watching you play. I prefer that Belen wins, but win or lose I love coming to the games and spending time with you. 

This has been a very busy week and I was inundated with images to process - while that gives me a great deal of pleasure it also means a lot of time is needed.  I have one more varsity game to work on to be complete before I head to the MS Gold team’s last game at home on Monday. trust me I’ll get there……..

belen jv vs columbuis @um 1-16-15-1
belen varsity vs northwest 1-21-15-89
jv banner-1
belen ms gold vs cushman 1-26-15-5

All caught up and eager for the next game: Tuesday vs Florida Christian. Thank goodness it’s at home not in their coal cellar.

Last MS Gold game of the season. While I’m eager for the start of spring sports, I have to admit that I’m going to miss this. My only regret is that I found no time for the Blue team - just so many teams and one only one tired old guy…...

belen jv vs fcs 1-27-15-195

Three games in one night makes for a large work load - I just finished the loads for all three Wednesday night games:  Freshmen vs Aquinas and both jv and varsity vs Florida Christian - all set now for Thursday’s games.

belen varsity vs fcs 1-27-15-233
senior photos-11

A great evening - correction a great day as I came to the basketball games off a fantastic win by the varsity soccer team - so my cup just ran over and over.  Two great games capped a perfect senior evening.  great way to start a weekend.  Congratulations.

senior photos-19

Click here to be taken to the Senior Night photos!

belen vs mater - district 2-4-15-32

The final game of the season. Sadly, a near miss rather than a three point. But, a hard fought, incredible game to watch.  Looking forward to the off season league.

belen vs mater - district 2-4-15-152
belen vs mater - district 2-4-15-48