Belen basketball 2015 season

Who knew? I started basketball reluctantly, not really my sport - but, my affection for the boys of Belen won again and I find myself covering sixth grade and fall ball and enjoying it immensely 

Sixth grade vs ST Theresa 9-28-15-1

Click on the link to the right to be taken to the game gallery - all photos can be downloaded and are yours to keep Remember I never charge a Belen boy - so take what you want and enjoy. My payment? A smile and a handshake next time we meet!

A second benefit of the sixth grade game was finding out that the varsity squad is in a fall league.  First game to the right:

Varsity fall game 9-28-15-83

Fall B ball 10-7-15-29

I have to stop saying, “ basketball is not my sport.”  Truth is, I have come to appreciate it and look forward to the games. Of course, I’m also convinced that if it were not the Belen boys playing I would rapidly lose interest. Still, I’m eagerly awaiting the season.

Fall B ball 10-7-15-7

Gold team 11-9-15-5

The final, short and controversial game of the fall season is done and linked at the right:

Back with the best! Our regular season begins - first up I saw a double header of MS Blue and Gold and I’m looking forward to the JV/Varsity and Frosh next week.

Gold team 11-9-15-2
MS Gold 11-16-15-110

Two Belen basketball games in as many days - the MS Gold team home against St. Agatha’s and the freshman’s trip to Archbishop McCarthy were both fun - a beat down by the MS team and a VERY narrow loss by the Frosh - I mean right down to the 9 second mark. In between those games I was poured on at the Doral soccer field - see the soccer page.

zfrosh vs arch. Mac 11-17-16-12-2