Belen Club soccer ( Loyola )

Loyolla Club game 1 4-25-15-1

First team picture of my first game for Belen’s club team. I plan to cover as many of the games as my commitments to other Belen teams. 

Loyolla Club game 1 4-25-15-5

4/25/15 there were three games in Miramar, what with rain delays it was a very long day. But, at the end of it I enjoyed it immensely and look forward to my next invitation.

Game 2 the under 14-4-25-15-239

Game two was against a team in gray and black ( never did find out their name. But, who cares I was not there for them ) - despite their sinister color choices, they went down……….

Game 2 the under 14-4-25-15-56
Game 3 under 15 vs Florida Beach 4-25-15-207

 And, finally i was able to load the images from the third and final game of the day and it was a good one - horrible ref - but a win and a great game. I’m looking forward to Saturday again - please let me know.

By the way, I’m enjoying getting to know you - I’ll be shooting your games for the rest of your time at Belen and I’m very happy about that - great school and great kids - I hope to see you at states in a few years.