Belen Football 2014

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To me, the season begins with the spring game. The seniors are gone, others move up- we get a chance to anticipate all the fun we will have during the season. Hey, I miss the seniors too. But, what a wonderful chance to see the others. As always, each game during the season will be hot linked to the right.  If you want to see last years games - just take your cursor and pat my friend Brian on the back - he’ll take you there.


Tight shooting, lots of people in too small a space - and I would go again tomorrow - great opening performance!

belen spring game vs arch.mccarthy 5-23-14-37

Just what I expected, another great performance. Just what we all needed to start the summer vacation - at least mine, you still have some tests to take I think - I wish you just as much success.

belen august practive 8-9-14-99

Another season, finally here. Since I only shoot sports and 99% only Belen at that - I have had a dry spell this summer. A month of travel was good but I’m delighted to be off the couch and back to my passion.  The first results: practice for varsity are linked to the right

side pic-1

No matter the outcome or how we feel about some calls - this was a good game and one that I thoroughly enjoyed.  The images are to the right and the JV practice photos are on the way.

Saturday’s JV practice has been added to the right :


Great first game for the JV. Gulliver is a far, far better team than last year and you did yourself proud.

belen jv vs gulliver 8-27-14-7
belen jv vs key west 9-4-14-162

Great game guys, more than worth the wait. Lord, how you wear that equipment in that humidity is beyond me. I put more than 350 images - not because I think all my work is perfect. But, because I’m trying to get something for everyone.

belen varsity vs columbus 9-5-14-200

Not what we all wanted but an exciting game and brilliant defense - really well played. Now, just move on and practice hard for your next opportunity. The link to the Columbus game is on the right and thank you all so much for allowing me to be part of your experience.

belen varsity vs ppc 9-12-14-120

A wonderful game . Everyone played so well, even the weather cooperated. So many of you got to play that I just had a wonderful time shooting everyone.

Now on to Southwest.

belen jv vs pace 9-17-14-500

While I would have loved a longer game it was terrific. I love a good romp - it keeps my blood pressure low.  I shot a lot of portraits - PLEASE if you have not shared this site with your parents - those shots are for them! Believe me every season I meet parents who have not seen the site -SHARE

belen vs southwest 9-19-14-349

What can I say - still in awe! And, yes still a little damp………

belen ms vs mater 9-20-14-34

I had a real chance to dry out on Saturday - or bake to be honest - at the MS football game. Sadly our boys lost but I had a blast and will be back next week.

ytbelen jv vs mater 9-25-14-72

Interesting, turns out putting six or seven varsity players on the field and having them supervised by absolutely horrid refs is not good for the spirit of high school sports. Not entirely a surprise.

belen varsity vs fort meyers 9-26-14-323

Great varsity game - I was on edge - of course, but that’s just me.  The positive side is how great it makes everyone feel when you fight to the end and pull off a victory.

belen 6th vs university 9-27-14-21

Saturday I had the opportunity to shoot the Belen 6th grade and it was loads of fun………..

belen ms vs university 9-27-14-313
belen ms vs us 9-30-14-64

Enough said - I just love the middle school team 

On 9/30 we made a trip to the University School - I was unaware that what I once considered to be a prime school had moved to the other side of the tracks”  No, Belen did not lose by horrid umpiring or because of the foul language but I was a horrible game that made we sad that young men that I’m proud of and proud to know had to take the field and endure this. Sorry, just the way I feel.

belen jv vs aquinas 10-1-14-26

As long and poorly refereed as was the MS game the JV was short- well done and a joy. Sure, the win had a lot to do with my emotions but lack of a flag and an issue on every play helped a great deal.

belen v vs braddock 10-2-14-133

I have never seen a high school with such a makeshift football field - still an interesting game. 

All the images from both Thursday and Monday are loaded to the link to the right.

belen v vs braddock 10-2-14-45
belen ms vs doral 10-7-14-19

Great game against the Doral Academy middle school team - Ethan you took my breath away. R.J. you took a hit that would have sent a lesser man to the hospital. So proud of everyone and sad that I will miss the Gulliver game - but, there is a JV game at the same time and I have to go with seniority. I hope to see a lot of you at other sports very soon.

belen jv vs columbus 10-8-14-324

I hardly slept last night - what a splendid victory and what an exciting game. The game was terrific - the field conditions and the lighting, however, left a great deal to be desired. However, a little photo shop work ( actually hours!!) worked some magic and I think you will like the result. I’m so very proud of you all - you have no idea……

belen varsity vs key west 10-10-14-11

Busy weekend - took a long time to get the photos up with the XC meet on Saturday. But, I edited and put up the ones that show the Belen game at it’s best……… I hope you like them.

belen varsity vs key west 10-10-14-4

belen jv vs palmetto 10-14-14-5

Great game against Palmetto - or perhaps I’m just riding high on a cloud of euphoria . I want to thank each and everyone of you again for the thoughtful gesture of the signed ball. It means a great deal to me, surely more than you can know until you reach my age. But, again, God bless and keep you.,,,,,,,,

belen varsity vs varela 10-17-14-93

I’m sure everyone agrees that the Varela game was one of the best and most exciting games we have seen in awhile - reminded me of the pre season win over Gibbons last year. I hate that I had to leave so early the next day - but, the images are done. Bad news the lights at Tropical Park are no better but , the good news is, you won and there are lots of images for you.

belen ms vs somerset 10-22-14-6

I’m sad the game was lost but happy that i was able to make it back from vacation in time to photograph the game and get to see so many get a chance to play.  I’m looking forward to seeing you again next year and to watch you grow in the sport over the years.

Wow! Homecoming and a fabulous win - when I come home I’m lucky if Elijah comes to the door to meet me………….. Great game and a great time for me - the photos with your parents are in a separate gallery.

belen v vs sunset 10-24-14-20
homecoming seniors & parents 10-24-14-55
belen varsity vs ferguson 10-31-14-2

he only thing that I can say about the game on is that it was all trick and no treat - terrible way to spend Halloween - monday is another day…...

belen varsity vs ferguson 10-31-14-321

I shoot so many sports that I’ve become something of an expert on how to photograph - but my understanding of a particular sport has never been intense except for soccer where I was a coach for years - having made that disclaimer I have never seen Belen come out so determined to win - both games were intense - the first game against Ferguson was like a fifth quarter - none of the usual long Belen windup. Congratulations - fantastic evening

win 3-1
belen varsity vs pace 11-7-14-19

Wow!  What a game, factoring in the lousy lights and the overblown half time show ( OK I did like the fireworks ) it was still one of the best games of the season. You played from beginning to end to win. I admit I was worried at times - not that you would lose - but about injuries. Some of those close to the goal line plays were brutal - how do you move with a ton on you? 

belen varsity vs pace 11-7-14-228
belen defeats southridge 11-14-14-428

What a fantastic game - just made my day, week, Oh hell, the year.  Just do it again next week - happy friday night lights!

belen defeats southridge 11-14-14-284
belen varsity vs killian 11-21-14-17

The season ends.  As my family says, “ auf wiedersehen ( until me meet again ) - see you at spring practice.