Belen Football 2015

2014 was a great year and I will remember it always and miss the seniors who, proudly, move on to another stage of their lives.

That move,  at least for football, is symbolized by the spring game and I look forward to it each year.

Seniors move out, JV move up and we have a whole new unit to consider - just helps make the summer break endurable for me. When your out of school I’m bored..  Here’s to a wonderful 2015

Football conditioning drills 3-18-15-224

My first visit to football practice ( sorry, conditioning ) happened March 18 - everyone seems to, not only, be working hard but in hardy good spirits. I got the word about Clewiston - only 90 minutes from me and the referee clinic - so looking forward to both.

Football conditioning drills 3-18-15-45
Conditioning 4-16-15-119

My second visit to conditioning was a pleasure, hot but a lot of fun as well. I don’t know why I enjoy practice so much; perhaps, it is the simple pleasure of watching the team come together. I’ll be back soon.

Football practice 4-27-15-162

Yes, another practice session. I’m that ready for a good game! I’ll be back soon - I was expecting helmets….

May 1 practice-9

May 1 - excellent session. I roved from area to area and got a lot of , I think (IMHO) , good shots. Only problem, helmets are back and I’,m back to trying to remember numbers - which, of course, will change.  Looking forward to the two FIU scrimmages.

May 1 practice-121
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Spring football is, at last, here. i can stop charting the getting ready and go for the actual. Today, the scrimmages at FIU - the results are to the right:

FIU scrimmage 5-8-15-494
Spring game at Clewiston 5-21-15-13

Ah, gnats, bad calls and someone running the clock who would have trouble understanding an hour glass; yet - what a lovely night. Interesting how victory makes everything fine. I had a great time and can’t wait for the season to start. I will be bored for the next two months - well, in July I’ll be in Asia but just to ease the boredom. I’ll see you at a practice in August!  God bless and keep you - Auf Wiedersehen 

Belen practice session One-4

August 4 - back in stride:

I made it to practice today; everyone is working hard, sweating their butts off and getting ready for an exciting season the link is to the right.

Belen practice session One-13
Belen practice Aug 7-198

Friday practice - hot but productive. I’m so glad that everything seems to be coming together for the team. I’m looking forward to full pads tomorrow - and, yes even a visit to the MS team on the 17th.

Saturday practice 8-8-156

Saturday dawned hot and humid and got worse from there……. I shot a good deal of practice then packed up and headed towards a cool home - lucky me - I looked back at the start of running  and OMG - still it pays off in the end.

Saturday practice 8-8-150
Saturday practice 8-15-43

Last Saturday before kickoff !  But, it is South Florida and the storms cut things short - so I’ve posted an abbreviated session - back on Monday at 3PM for the MS .

Saturday practice 8-15-107
Monday 8-17 JV & MS-62

The season opener is oh so close, despite the drought I’m praying for rain only after dark - is that so much to ask?  I have added a visit to a JV and the first MS practice to the gallery site - Link to the right:

Monday 8-17 JV & MS-251
Wednesday  6-19  JV & V-82

Wednesday practice, the Middle School is still setting up and doing skill drills. I spent some time with them and the number one question was would I be at their games - short answer is yes, yes, of course.  Already blocked my Tuesdays.  I hope at my next visit there will be some pads and helmets.

Varsity v Palmetto 8-21-15-438

Varsity opens against Palmetto and it was just wonderful - and amazing - now, I don’t use that word lightly, it was NOT amazing that Belen won but amazing that when I got home my blood pressure was normal for the first time in months - PLEASE GUYS keep it up.

Varsity v Palmetto 8-21-15-380

OK a game was lost and the coaches will take care of whatever went wrong, Meanwhile these 507 photos may help with the visuals 

Varsity vvs Charminqade 8-27-15-30

A fun trip to practice today in my continuing effort to get shots of everyone - today I spent a lot of time in portrait mode - bummed about the JV game vs Gulliver - I would love to have seen it and hate waiting another week -but very much looking forward to the varsity game on Friday!

Varsit vs Seminole Ridge 9-4-15-147

Seminole Ridge game :  Photos to the right

JV VS PACE 9-9-15-44

I’ll see you Friday in the actual “God’s Country”……..

JV  game and victory over Pace was away in a humid sweetbox - I guess that’s not their fault - it is Florida after all. But you’d think they would be used to it rather than all the cramping up.


I never get enough of the friendly bunch from the MS , so I shot a practice with a scrimmage yesterday. Still so very humid but being at home field brings a comfort all its’ own.

Belen varsity defeats Gulliver 24 to 0!  And, a very nice time was had by all: well maybe not all they did seem a tad put off by the afternoon’s events. I, on the other hand, opened my best Malbec and had a very, very nice evening - the results are to the right.

Varsity vs Gulliver 9-11-15-169
Sixth grade vs Westminster 9-15-15-11

Sixth grade vs Westminster 9-15-15-14

Wow, what miserable weather we have been having - as I sit and listen to the rumblings outside I’m, trying off from the ill fated JV game against Boyd but our fantastic sixth grade game vs Westminster is to the right.

MS vs University 9-15-15-422

As always, the MS team is something special. Now, I always say that because they are, invariably, well manned and fun to be with - this is Belen.  But, oh my, when they can play like this this win my respect as well as devotion - such terrific kids.

Ferguson shot down and shut out - I’m tempted to say an amazing win - but, there is nothing “amazing “ about it nor is it an incredible win - it’s totally credible - just the boys playing the way they are capable and I so look forward to next week against Columbus.

ferguson 9-17-15 second run-105

Middle school played at Gulliver Academy, rain, mud and, how I hate that place - even got lost going home. 

zms football vs Gulliver 9-22-15-297
jv vs Doral  9-24-15-31

Fantastic!  Great game, great weather combined with highly questionable calls. I can’t wait for the Columbus game tomorrow - Let’s consider this a good omen!

jv vs Doral  9-24-15-26

I’ve loaded all the images from the Columbus game at the right:  as with any lose there are wonderful individual performances and I have done my best to document them.

Varsity vs Columbus 9-26-15-211

MS vs Doral  9-29-15-2

What a wonderful game!   While there is so much angst for the first half, a necessary thing for such an awesome comeback - no down , no “back” to come to. It was a wet but happy drive home - the lighting was bad, the rain a pain - one end of the field was light like a coal mine - still, I had an extraordinary time. 

This is shaping up to one very fine week for Wolverine football - I was happy to be present for the annual defeat of Aquinas’s vaunted program by the JV team.

JV vs Aquinas 10-1-15-36

Varsity vs Southwest 10-2-15-43

What a great week; three victories ( MS, JV and Varsity ) all against rivals who brought their smug faces to the game and left bitter and disillusioned. I suppose one should be bad that a loss by another group of boys makes the world seem a brighter place…. oh hell, someone has to lose and I would rather it not be Belen boys.

The rainless ( thank you!) game vs Keys gate is to the left

MS vs Keys Gate 10-06-15-4

The shots from the game at American Heritage are finished to the right - such a shame: on them……….

sixth grade vs RE 10-13-15-4

The partial game I was able to shoot for the sixth grade is linked to the right - Not a lot, but we have years to come!

second time out the weather was wonderful and the final score: oh, so close…….

Fabulous game against the Vipers - revealing a depth of the Belen bench is was heartening to watch……

Varsity vs Varela 10-16-15-345

Belen Jesuit vs Columbus always an interesting game. While I did not enjoy the results i did enjoy being with everyone.

JV vs Columbus 10-17-15-424
MS vs Somerset 10-20-15-4

Not only a terrific middle school game - the kind I love when so many get in the game and I can get shots of almost everyone, Then: no traffic on the way home, I’m blessed!

MS vs Somerset 10-20-15-262

Historic win for Coach Stewart - so happy to have been there and so glad to be able to give  this gift of memories:

varsity vs Braddock 10-24-15-560
Varsity wins district 10-30-15-6

Fantastic , great game even the announcer was fair to both sides - some things are still able to amaze me.  I’m honored to be with you for two straight district championships, so proud of you all.

Well, Pace was put away with a pounding that was a joy to watch - All the images and the Seniors portrait shots are on the gallery site linked to the right:

Varsity defeats Pace 11-6-15-199

A hard fought end of the season . Butt, with back to bak district wins I hope you are as proud as I am of you. No, you couldn’t possibly be that proud your heads would not fit through the school doors - let the old man who finds such fulfillment in volunteering to be among  you take the ego hit - you guys ae very special young me being nurtured by a great coach in a very special school. All I can say now is I’ll see some of you at conditioning in March!

Varsity vs Southridge 11-13-15-146