Belen Jesuit baseball 2015

What with summer and fall club play I sometimes feel as if I have been waiting endlessly for the season.  Finally, it’s close - close enough that the Senior Banners are under production and the roster is set .

lax practice-1

Working hard and eager to start the season!

belen jv vs csc 2-11-15-286

My first game of the season:  JV vs Coral Springs Charter at Coral Springs - a few miles from my home - a double treat proximity and a great win

belen jv vs csc 2-11-15-114
zbelen jv vs pines charter 2-16-15-297

The JV baseball team, mostly the freshman of last year whom I spent so much time with,  All those Sunday double headers with the club team - they’ll always have a very special place in my heart. The game against Pines Charter was one of the best that I have every seen them play - I so glad the “new” freshmen are turning out to be just as fine a bunch.

varsity vs jackson 2-19-15-247

My first varsity baseball game was short and very sweet - oh sure, I know a close game is supposed to be a better one - not for me - I have high blood pressure - a nice thrashing makes the drive home so much nicer….

varsity vs rays 2-21-15-151

Varsity defeated in Rays - in another short and sweet act of mercy - great game, great weather - and a kong day with the JV pummeling Columbus - be still my heart.

jv defeats columbus-twice 2-21-15-58

The images from the combined Columbus double header are linked to the right - now, I did cut out and shoot the lacrosse game before coming back - still there are close to 400 images so I think I covered the action. 

jv defeats columbus-twice 2-21-15-158
belen ms vs somerset 2-27-15-202

I’m making a conscious effort to cover as much as possible this year and that includes getting to a few more MS games in all sports - as much as possible - but, Varsity still has priority .  After all some of those boys will be leaving us soon.

I got to another JV , OK - a partial game against Coral Springs Charter right after Belen MS beat RE at water polo and varsity beat South west - so I had good reason to be late.

jv vs cscs redux 3-3-15-122
MS Gold vs Florida Christian 3-4-15-210

I got to another GOLD baseball game, this time vs Florida Christian and it was one very fine game - well played and executed.  I’m very happy to begin meeting young players who I can follow over the coming years.

I went to my first and with my schedule maybe last freshman game. I had no idea we were playing the freshman schedule with a subset of the JV team or I would not have neglected it for so long - now, I know I have been neglecting varsity and I have to correct that.

Frosh vs Somerset 3-5-15-9
MS Gold vs Doral 3-7-15-18

Another MS Gold game - Doral soundly defeated. these MS games are so much fun for me - of course, I do have to get back to varsity.

MS Gold vs pinecrest  3-11-15-108

And a very fine defeat of Pinecrest by our fantastic Gold team - a hot one, a long way from Belen - but, a good feeing at the end.

Varsity vs mater 3-12-15-320

And, varsity defeats Mater

MS Gold DH vs Somerset 3-14-15-100

Guys, now you know how an old man spends his Sunday - 718 images of the MS Gold DH vs Somerset is loaded to the right: enjoy!

MS Gold DH vs Somerset 3-14-15-25
JV DH vs Paace 3-14-15-240

Bringing one very long weekend to a happy conclusion:  the JV double header vs Pace - I was exhausted but I would do it over again in a heart beat. Spending time with you is more than worth it. Win or lose - I have a great time.

MS Gold vs Somerset 3-21-15-310

MS Gold vs Somerset 3-21-15-308

I just love the MS Gold team! Why? Simple, they made my Saturday, weekend and maybe the month ….. when the opposition comes “loaded” to take revenge for last weeks defeat - to beat them again is just wonderful and a tribute to the team and the coach. God bless guys and keep it up - everyone is proud of you

MS Gold vs Somerset 3-21-15-306
JV vs Florida Christian 3-21-15-158

I think I planned my Saturday well - two games - both wins and lots of fun. The shots of the second game of JV vs Florida Christian are available to the right:

JV vs Arch.Mac 3-23-15-4

Archbishop McCarthy has such a fine program and well earned reputation in baseball that I have to take this came as proof positive that you can beat any team when you are on your game - it was great to see.

Belen baseball senior night 4-14-15-13
Blue and gold 4-15-15-280

Senior night at Belen baseball stadium - just click on the photo above to be taken to the gallery - download with my compliments - looking forward to districts.

Mix blue and gold and what do you get?  Well, one thing is a Belen uniform or one lazy photography who shot two games back to back and put the images in one gallery.  

Blue and gold 4-15-15-257
Varsity District 4-22-15-209

The final varsity game of 2015 was played at home on 4/22 - varsity and JV are now over but I will cover the final games of MS

Varsity District 4-22-15-160
Gold team vs Epiphany 4-24-15-17

And the tradition continues:  I’ll be covering MS baseball as they play through the ACC game schedule - at least, home games. These guys are so good it is hardly worth driving to another school to see them crush the opposition. - Although, I do sort of love that….

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ms gold vs epiphany 5-6-15-142

The A.C.C. games continue for the Middle School guys. I love this as the year is rapidly coming to an end and I will soon entire my bored period - characterized by Belen being closed and my having no games to shoot - Spring football and MS baseball held ease the pain….

Ms Gold vs St. Theresa 5-13-15-76

varsity vs PPC 10-27-15-65

Finally made it to a fall baseball game. It is so very hard to fit in off-season club games with my regular schedule - next week we are finishing up swimming, football is still going and soccer begins.

varsity vs PPC 10-27-15-32