Belen Jesuit Basketball 2013-14

belen frosh vs am 11-20-13-12

belen frosh vs am 11-20-13-11

Belen Basketball - my first game.

Perhaps it's appropriate that a freshman basketball photographer start with a freshman game. But, wow - you guys blew me away! My poor images can't hope to reflect how well you played.

Seriously, basketball is not one of my sports nothing proves how easy i find football than a quick basketball game. It's all in the timing; the fraction of a second that means the balls is where you want it or NOT. Anyway, I'll get my grove on as the season goes on. But, still I hope you like the pictures. They are yours with my compliments.

belen frosh vs am 11-20-13-19
belen jv vs terra 11-26-13-69

Another fantastic game, my timing is getting better and as the freshman team gets to know me the images improve - not the action , the sides - the banter, the interaction the coach and players - the real in-depth meat of a game shot as a photo essay which is my niche in sports.                                                        

Two rainy days prior to Thanksgiving I finally made it to my JV game: the link is to the right                                                               

belen varsity vs terra 11-26-13-21belen jv vs vareal 11-27-13-24

Another great night of basketball at Belen Jesuit - a little quieter than the Terra game - but, I can provide my own emotion as the score racks up. Happy Thanksgiving to all and while the Turkey roasts I'll make sure I get both the JV and the varsity up as my gift to all.

belen varsity vs varela 11-27-13-116
belen frosh vs maccarthy 12-02-13-6

The "magnificent 12" an even dozen of fantastic young players beat Archbishop McCarthy by 30 points and sent their devoted photographer home a very happy man.  Now, I plan to shoot a triple header on Tuesday 12/3 with the blue team and then JV and Varsity against Homestead -but very early on Wednesday I'm off to a short trip to see some friends in Santo Domingo - the photos will have to wait - see the note to the side.

belen varsity vs varela 11-27-13-202
belen varsity vs homnestead 12-3-13-96

A nice double win over Homestead made my flight to Santo Domingo all the more pleasant - a few days of vacation and back refreshed for more games. The Homestead results are to the right.

belen frosh vs amp 12-09-13-52

Back and far to tired to run up and down the soccer field - so, thank goodness we had an alternative - Freshman basketball once more demolished American Heritage Plantation. I was glad to be there - so many games, so many teams - the abundance makes me both happy and exasperated at the same time: how to get to everything - clearly impossible - but I always feel that I let someone down.

belen jv vs mater 12-11-13-36

Wednesday I arrived early to take a peek at wrestling practice and stumbled on to an 8th grade basketball tournament. There are so many teams to cover that I, as a rule, do not go to the middle school events. But, this seemed to be fate so I got to shoot three Belen games as planned, even with the cancellation of the freshman game that I had planned on.  

belen varsity vs mater 12-11-13-176

I love it when the "Cheer Men" come out in force - they're a little loud - but I love them - and the young man from Mater ( Dylan ) was smiling and laughing just prior to this shot where he focused on his pass. I'm so glad he appreciated the good natured fun so evident on everyone's face

belen varsity v cscs 12-19-13-20belen jv vs lasalle 1-4-14-178

Belen varsity took part in the annual holiday basketball tournament is Coral Springs called Kreul - I decided to experiment and see if the natural available light ( no flash ) would free me up to shoot better basketball as I would not be tied to a recycle time.  While the quality of the dim light in gyms does lower the quality of the electronic negative I think the results - while lower in color and resolution are an improvement in capturing the spirt of the game.  Over the Christmas and New Years holiday I went into couch Potato - almost terminal - withdrawal . With no game to go to and photograph I become a slothful, sulking hulk of bing tv addiction.  Thank God for wrestling and Basketball coming to my rescue in the last days.

belen jv vs lasalle 1-4-14-170belen frosh vs mccarthy 1-7-14-71

I started thus season with the idea that I would not be attending any basketball games because, “it is just not my sport, just running back and forth makes no sense to me.” Well, 17 games later I was wrong.  Having finally taken the time to 1. read something about the sport and 2. go to enough games to come to an understanding of what is happening; I now recant. I have come to like basketball or I just like the Belen boys and would come anyway - could be one of those 6 of one 1/2 dozen of the other things!

belen jv vs terra 1-8-14-133

Just last night a Belen player told me it was “Good for me “ that I missed the varsity game at the tournament last week as they “blew the other team away.”  Oh contrair - That is just the sort of game that I love.  I have no scruples about this - I lave a good ass whipping - sends me home with a smile on my face and something to confess. Thus these images of Belen vs Terra make my heart glad and I have absolutely no qualms. OK, I’m happy coach made so many substitutions - but, there is only so much that can be done!

belen frosh vs pope 1-11-14-306

The three games of the NBP tournament are done - lousy, I mean truly horrible lights - no windows just a dim dungeon to shoot it. Not the kind of images I like to put up - but there are what they are.

The links are to the right  - still, all in all I had a great time! Better to be with you guys in a dim dungeon then not be with you - promise -you light up the gym all by yourselves.

belen frosh vscolumbus 1-14-14-110

The annual basketball battle royal between Columbus and Belen Jesuit began on Tuesday with the Freshman game and will conclude on Friday with JV followed by Varsity. The images are accessed to the right. I’m battling a cold but will be there no matter what!

belen varsity vs columbus 1-17-14-287

Fabulous! Just incredible - I still have tears in my eyes. I hope I was able to capture the intensity of victory and the joy of achievement . Some years ago , before my career with American Express, I was a teacher. taking some pictures at a soccer game and a player was badly hurt. I followed the ambulance to the hospital so someone would be there until his parents arrived. I held his had while he cursed and groaned with a broken ankle that required surgery and pins. Many years later as I prepared to retire in a few years and resumed my photo hobby and shot another soccer game - to the surprise of both of us I was shooting the son of my young player who still had the photos I had taken so many years before, I began to work with the school much as I do with Belen - you see I do this not for me or you but for your sons - please accept the images with my fondest regards and affection and congratulations to both varsity and JV - I will remember this night for many years to come.

belen frosh vs gulliver 1-16-14-34

Exhausting weekend for this old man: three games on Thursday ( Blue, Gold, Freshman vs Gullver ), two games on Friday - the JV and Varsity over Columbus and the Freshman victory over NBP on Saturday - lost of catching up to do. All of the games will be to the right as I finish them - not there? Check back as I’m working diligently.

belen frosh vs gulliver 1-16-14-26
belen varsity vs jackson 1-24-14-31
belen frosh defeat columbus 1-28-14-12

Absolutely the worst lighting I have ever seen. Not only was it dark, but - and you would not notice this as your brain will correct the color as you see things so it never shows but the camera captures - THESE CHEAP AWFUL LIGHTS cycling their power through different wave lengths of light. All of which have different colors of the spectrum. You will see this as you work through the gallery. Anyway, they are what they are, to look on the “bright” side ( pun intended ) I hope I have found the worst gym in south Florida.

belen seniors 1-31-14-28
belen varsity vs regan 1-31-14-14