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Truthfully, I love these guys - the utter and sustained enthusiasm of the Belen student body about their teams and their school is one of the reasons for the soft spot I have developed for Belen.

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My first Belen football game and it was perfect. The facility, the weather - even the shaded sun helped my camera work - just the best way to shoot a game and enjoy it at the same time. The close score and intense play were exactly what I was expecting of a Belen team I put up a great many shots of this game as I wanted to get as many candid shots as I could.  PLEASE , share this site with your parents - my work is not just for instagram and Facebook - my goal is to provide memories for your family and, trust me, ones that you will appreciate in the years to come.

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My drive to the school is about 30 minutes - scores like this make the drive home more like 30 seconds.

Great job.

We all wish the Columbus game had gone differently. The game as I saw your performance is in the gallery to the right.

belen varsity vs columbus 9-7-13-66
belen varsity vs south west miami 9-21-13-76

I put up close to 500 images from the South West game - why? It is my goal to give each family some sort of shot of the athlete in uniform - not in play - something that says," this is my son" to that end, I'm taking a lot of sideline shots - same to the JV at University….. 

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JV vs university 9/26/13:

You guys hit like bulldozers - and you can catch and actually hold on to the ball - something I don't often see consistently in high school games. 

However, as to my being able to see anything in that light is another matter! Anyway, no complaints but I did all the photo shop magic I could to raise the quality of the shots as the night got darker - I think they came out well - you can be the judge…… 

belen jv vs aquinas 10-2-13-12

The game at Aquinas was hard fought and you earned a lot of respect. I hope you like my results:  see you next week at home for Key West - sad to see the season coming to an end. Please don't hesitate to let me know if you are involved in other school sports.

belen varsity vs braddock 10-4-13-92

Please read:

Last game I had a problem loading photos to the gallery site at which , after I spoke to some of you alerted me to an issue. The gallery site shows the photos as they are loading. I have no way to tell you that I'm done. In the case of the Aquinas game there were close to 100 4th qtr photos that were not done for a day.

The only way to know that all the photos are loaded is (1) to  go to this site - I load the hot link above the small photo on the sport page ONLY when everything is done. (2) If we are friends on Facebook you will see the announcement that they are all done. If you go directly to smugmug you have no way to know that load is complete.

belen varsity vs varela 10-18-13-9

Varela - terrific game!  Hot action on the field as well as terrifically hot just standing there.  My friend here had a good idea but I admit I was filled with trepidation when standing too close - those drone strikes shouldn't be messed with……….

belen varsity vs sunset 10-25-13-23


A "narrow" victory indeed - sort of defines the term. But, I 'm tremendously happy, in any event, and looking forward to Ferguson next week. By the way, I gave my card to the head coach at Sunset and offered to allow his players to download game shots - so if you are from Sunset. The photos are free, just click on the link to the left and take what you like - 

belen varsity vs sunset 10-25-13-33

Ah, the agony of waiting a week for Ferguson.

belen vs ferguson 11-1-13-10