Belen Jesuit Lacrosse 2014

belen varsity vs palmetto 2-27-14-11
belen varsity vs palmetto 2-27-14-3

I hope you enjoy these images. It is my intention to get to as many games as I can but there are so many sports in Spring that it is , sadly, not possible to go to as many as I would like to.  I enjoyed the first game immensely and look forward to a long relationship - now, to get to a JV game…….

belen varsity vs palmetto 2-27-14-9
belen froshj vs re 3-12-14-147

Whenever I shoot a new team at Belen I shoot a huge number of shots trying to get something for as many guys as I can and truth be told I enjoyed the JV game immensely. So, there are 458 images of the game at the link. Maybe a little less next time - we were in luck , last nights varsity baseball game cancelled and I went home with the necessary 5 hours needed to process so many . Of course, next game is Columbus so who knows how nuts I might become!

belen varsity vs re 3-12-14-110
belen jv vs columbus 3-14-14-254

Sadly, the “curse of Columbus” struck again. I call it that because I believe you psych yourselves out. But, enough of my untutored analysis. Even when outcomes are not what we hope for there are images of individual performance that show what good players you are and those are in the gallery link to the right.

belen jv 3-19-14-16

While I don’t have the time to get to Tampa, I am looking forward to the JV game against St. Andrews on Friday. Yes, I know they’re tough. You grow and learn by playing the best and you are far, far better than you give yourselves credit for. Go and fight, personally IU’m excited…….

Good luck to varsity in Tampa…………

belen jvb lax vs scots 3-21-14-83

The link to the JV game vs the scots of St. Andrews’s is on the sidebar to the right.  I’m off to shoot some varsity baseball at Cardinal Gibbons. No LAX - this week for me……. I’ll see if I can get back 

jv vs am heritage 3-31-14-166

On Monday, 3/31 , Belen Jesuit Jv and varsity visited American Heritage in Plantation and as the Roman general Pompey the great once reported to the senate  , “I came, I saw, I conquered.” The lads from Belen took the Patriots apart and left them in tatters - in short - one fine day………. at least, for me

belen jv vs gibbons 2-5-14-4

The season is, sadly, over - a year to wait……….

belen lax scrimmage 4-11-14-298