Belen Jesuit soccer 2014-15

I was looking forward to the start of the season since , well since the end of the last one!

belen varsity vs central 11-03-14-8

belen varsity vs central 11-03-14-114

Excellent start to the season! Then again, coming from behind to win is a level of excitement I would not want with every game mind you. Next game let’s just kick butt from the start.

belen jv vs re 115-14-138

Another terrific game at Belen - my first , but not last, outing with the JV team - please help me by making sure they have this website and understand that the images are theirs at no charge - 

belen varsity vs miami springs 11-6-14-10

Thank you, thank you - see how nice a little butt kicking can feel - I was calm all game - so nice.  Seriously, i have to complement you all for keeping you cool and acting like gentlemen in the face of constant provocation. I don’t recall last years game being like this - they left, early on, rough play behind and entered the realm of nastiness.

belen v vs goleman 11-10-14-119

Great game, everyone played so well - but that last goal was a tremendous surprise from that distance - I was just not prepared for it - I was zoomed in for a pass. Oh well, live and learn. I have to skip today ( Tuesday ) I’ll be at JV tomorrow and Varsity Thursday.

belen jv vs aquinas 11-12-14-242

Great game guys, sorry I missed the Columbus game but there will be others - I will be at your game on Saturday - unless you hear that a comet struck Broward County - Again, this images are yours - remember to use the download button on the lower right to get the full file you can use - don’ click right or any of the other tricks - they are not full Jpeg files.

belen jv vs aquinas 11-12-14-326
belen varsity vs mater 11-13-14-361

Well, you give a man a captains badge and he goes out and scores - good work Mikel and Robert - many more to come - good team work.  There’s a JV game on Saturday at Belen - I hope to see some of you there in support - if not, it’s Terra on Monday. Have a great weekend.

belen jv vs palmer 11-15-14-255

Great game guys - I was able to get a great many usable shots - I think you will like them - loaded some 480 images to the site - just click on the link to the right.

belen v vs homestead 11-17-14-130

Great, another butt kicking - I never complain! By the way, I have to pass along a thank you from Elijah - he got his dinner early - much appreciated.

The Terra game! loved it and check the series of Nano’s header

belen varsity soccer vs terra 11-24-14-299
belen varsity vs doral 11-25-14-231

I’m sorry that I left the Doral game at half time - I have been trying to get to a MS basketball game ( get it off my must do list ) for some time - both teams were home affording me the opportunity.  But - as you can see I left some basketball guys to cheer you on!

belen varsity vs central 12-2-14-286

A rainy day special with regrettable results. Still, there are plenty of games to go and your a terrific team - hang in there.

belen jv vs arch. macarthy 12-3-14-50

A JV tie in the very final moments of the game…….. but, a well played game and so nice to see a bit of sunshine.

zbzelen varsity vs miami springs 12-4-14-1

One very busy week, read that as exhausted. But, I’m working to get everything up - soccer, basketball and wrestling  - should be done by Sunday night - meanwhile, Miami Springs is done.

zbelen varsity vs goleman 12-8-14-25

One fine game against Goleman - but to be honest I’m thrilled by the Columbus game - just home and starting on them - meanwhile - Goleman to the right………..

belen varsity defeats columbus 12-8-14-2

Fantastic evening at Columbus - forget the cold, miserable lights and maze like parking - you won. I always think I don’t want to go to Columbus, the lights in the gym are worse than the field - but, I have been there three times and three times I’ve seen Belen win - so, all things considered not so bad.

belen jv vs columbus 12-9-14-216

I was so thrilled by the victory that I broke a rule of mine: "always process the games in the order I took them.” I spent the day processing the varsity shots - the poor lighting made that a longer job - but it is after midnight  - time for white haired guys to be in bed - but, I have finished the JV game and it’s to the right.

belen 6th grade 12-13-14-5

Wow, and I do mean that - I saw my first 6th grade game today and the varsity has a lot to learn! Seriously, I love the varsity but these guys show that Belen will only get better over the years to come. Boys, show the varsity how to lean forward and get the ball low and in the net! I was impressed.

belen varsity vs westland 12-18-14-70

A great way to end the calendar year and semester. I’m looking forward to the next game in 2015.  Merry Christmas boys and a great and prosperous new year.  I hope exams went as well as you played today.

belen varsity vs westland 12-18-14-37
belen jv vs somerset 1-7-15-71

It was a long holiday cold spell. So, it was a thrill to watch the JV thaws and I do mean thrash the boys from Somerset. I was delighted - as I’ve always said, “ I love a good clobbering “ it makes me sleep well.  Varsity defeats Terra - a nice present on their Senior Day ….. at least for me.

belen varsity vs terra 1-09-15-260
belen jv vs gulliver 1-9-15-11

Friday I went to Belen expecting a regular game and then one later at Columbus.  Turns out the first game was part of the JV team and the other was off campus - OK, stayed and shot a great game against Gulliver - then went home to guests. 

Fantastic game vs LaSalle - everything worked out a super 8th grader got a superb goal, the rain held off - everything just went so very well.  The only bad sport is that I had to miss the JV game - I have commitments to all the athletes at Belen and I hope you believe that I do my best……...

belen varsity vs lasalle 1-14-15-280
belen defeats terra diast.1 1-21-15-30

I’m so sad that the season is coming to a close - but so excited that it is proceeding to that end in exactly the way that I both hoped and anticipated - great win over Terra. On to Mater!!

belen wins district 1-23-15-298

Fantastic game!  While I hate having to see the season come to an end - all things, even great ones must come to an end and I’m eager to shoot the Regional next Thursday - God bless all of you

belen wins district 1-23-15-374
zbelen wins game 1 of regional 1-29-15-243

Wonderful game - two terrific teams playing as hard as they possibly can - a fantastic way to spend an afternoon. The images are available to the right. I’ll see you Tuesday for the semi-finals.

belen ms gold vs st agnes 1-28-15-6

Such a great week!  The varsity soccer team proves who they are - the basketball senior night showed both a JV and Varsity victory - sadly, that delayed the middle school soccer game load - sorry guys - but you will understand when you’re my soccer heroes - you romped St. Agnes and I’m very proud of you.

belen wins reg.semi final v american 2-3-15-427

Fantastic game - so well played - so tirelessly fought . I can’t tell you how proud I am of you - let’s let 428 photos try to show it.

belen wins reg.semi final v american 2-3-15-348

My future champions! Just keeping an eye on them……….

The regional game vs Palm Beach Lakes is over as is the season - one fantastic season to be sure. I will miss it and the seniors who will graduate. It may sound just a nice thing to say but, I really am looking forward to the next year - I will miss all of you

belen regional final  1-6-15-253
belen ms gold vs epiphany 2-9-15-11

The season comes to an end - on 2/9 I shot the MS Gold team as they played the best game I have seen them in. I think Epiphany was, perhaps, the best team they have played. Giving the Belen boys enough competition for their skills to really show - great game.

belen ms gold vs epiphany 2-9-15-183

Until we meet again - auf wiedersehen……