Belen Jesuit Soccer 2013-2014

belen varsity vs central 11-6-13-1
belen varsity vs central 11-6-13-10

My very first Belen soccer game and we are off to a very good start. A terrific victory over Central - 8 nothing is "nothing" to play down.  

Can't wait for my next chance to see you guys in action.

the link is to the right

belen varsity vs terra 11-15-13-19

The Belen victory over Terra - fabulous game!  Soccer is my sport and I love to see it played so well.

belen varsity vs miami springs 11-18-13-260

Belen Varsity vs Miami Springs - lots of guys got into this game and I went a little overboard - by that I mean , I've posted 640 photos - so have some time when you click on the link.

Greatly enjoyed myself and the time I spend with you is well with it - just terrific - thank you for all the fun. 

belen jesuit varsity vs westland 11-25-13-31

What a great game - the best way to start my Thanksgiving holiday - something to be very thankful for. Your my team - I love it when you kick a little turkey tail…..

belen jv vs am plant. 12-14-13-140

Finally, I made it to a JV soccer game - two games at the JV tournament at American ( hell to park at ) Heritage in Plantation and a game vs Archbishop McCarthy at Their school in Southwest Ranches and I'm very glad I did. Another Belen team I'm delighted to be with - no big surprise!

belen varsity vs doral 1-14-14-97
belen varsity vs doral 1-14-14-98

Seldom do I get a chance to capture such blatant foul play - not content - we then see a team effort to bring the opposition down. What can I say? This is not a blog, I seldom - if ever- vent or give my opinions - but, really these two shots are before the blatant head butt - which I missed because I was stupefied by this series.

belen v soccer district semi vs terra 1-22-14-14

Great game against Terra, once you regained command of the mid field the game was yours.  I can’t tell you how i look forward to the game vs Mater on Friday - I have no doubt that you can and will win - but good luck and God bless you all………

belen varsity district champs 1-24-14-27

Congratulations! I’m not sure how to put into words the simple fact of how happy I am for you. When you guys control the midfield, take command the distribute strategically your unstoppable and deservedly so. God bless………..

belen varsity district champs 1-24-14-6
belen wins quater final 1-30-14-21

I would have called yesterday a raining miserable waste of a day - ah, but there was that bright ray of startling sunlight.  Belen varsity, the only guys I would stand in the rain for, defeated a very good team from Alonso Morning High School to take the quarter final of region 4A. Overtime and penalty kicks prove a tough game fairly won.  Next - the February 4th evening game against Fort Lauderdale for the semi final. I know I’ll be there I hope the stands are packed

belen regional soccer semi 2-4-14-48