Belen Jesuit Water Polo 2014

belen jesuit vs lake nona 4-6-13-18(1)

I have been looking forward to another year of water polo for, well - for a year. Finally, it’s here .( click on the photo to be taken to the 2013 page ) Last year I wore myself to a nub by trying to do too many things for too many players, parents and coaches that I have met since moving to Florida. This year it’s very different. I will still try to be nice - but, I shoot Belen. If I miss a game it’s because of another Belen sport I want to give images to. Also, I’m having a great time with a great bunch of young people,…….


Opening game against Coral Gables - what a way to start a season!  Sadly, I had a few days of planned R&R - but will post the images when I return - I’ll see you at Ransom on Tuesday.

belen vs coral gables 2-19-14-169
belen varsity vs r.e. 2-25-14-204

Excellent facilities at Ransom Everglades - it’s even easy to shoot there at night - the lights are quite good. Still, I’m eager to shoot the game on Monday against Columbus. The results of the R.E. game are ready and to the right. I hope you enjoy them, there are a lot of new players and Please forgive me if I forget names - I will get it right.

belen varsity vs aquinas 3-1-14-267
belen varsity vs aquinas 3-1-14-251
belen varsity vs columbus 3-3-14-125

Certainly not the result we all wanted. But, in my opinion, a minor disturbance on the way to States - time to think about the tournament in Orlando. I’m coming and I’m eager to shoot and watch you play. Practice hard…….

belen h2o vs olympia 3-7-14 wild cat-36

I enjoyed the Wild Cat Tournament immensely. But, I can’t say I understand the results  - no one seems to win - anything .  Still, I saw a lot of good water polo and since you won every game i was able to drive home with a smile all the way. I then shot a double header baseball game on Sunday and collapsed! 

belen h2o vs olympia 3-7-14 wild cat-102
belen varsity vs sunset 3-15-14-148

I think the word tournament is starting to mean just a bunch of games. On reflection, I like the idea. We go and know the schedule and the number of games, know when its over and who cares about a trophy - keeping eyes on states is all that is important. While I’ll miss Gulliver - well, not Gulliver per se - just not seeing you play. But, it is the right decision and gets you rested for districts which are coming all too soon. The year just seems to fly….

belen varsity vs sunset 3-15-14-186
belen vs southwest 3-20-14-191

Great game, I love the games at Belen. Yes, I know it’s tight, the pool is shallow, etc. But the fans are the home crowd, the school drops in - we don’t get this other places. It just has a warm and comforting feeling. Rest up, I’m looking forward to Ransom. 

belen vs cooper city 4-4-14-112

Ransom was exhausting. For you and for me. On my side, I shot six water polo games - but the same  weekend  did three baseball games and one Lacross. I’m working on everything - the links will be to the right.

belen vs coral gables 4-16-14-34

Right back at beautiful Ransom Everglades for the district 15 playoff games - a resounding victory on 4/16/14 - Belen was first seed and played Coral Gables to advance to the winner of the Ransom / Columbus game. Ransom won in a nail biter last minute ( literally ) 1 up victory.  I have included a link to that game for a complete picture.

belen wins districts-1
belen vs krop play in game 4-22-14-1

Regions begin - 9 to 4 win over Krop - their parents remembered me from a game i shot at Nova more than a year ago.  Nice of them and they were complimentary so there are a few shots of their boys to reward nice parents.  I can’t wait for the games on Friday. THANKS SO MUCH FOR LETTING ME  BE A SMALL PART OF THIS WONDERFUL SEASON.

belen aquinas 4-25-14-34