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When I retired and moved to South Florida connections to friends led to my choice of Coral Springs Charter as a new primary school to "embed" myself with to pursue my sports photography. My love, or obsession if you will, with wrestling and water polo have led me to broaden my base to a far larger number of schools.

Among the very special ones which came to my attention is one standout: Belen Jesuit Preparatory. Before my corporate career I trained as a historian and still launch into research mode whenever something new crosses my path. I'm embarrassed that I was unaware of just how prestigious the history of this school is.

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The story of Belen from establishment in Havana by Royal decree through communist confiscation and expulsion of the Jesuit order to a reestablishment in Miami with 12 young men; culminating in the 1500 student success story of today is a stirring rendition of the American dream told with a light salsa beat.  Someone should take a fictional family with the school and church in the background and write the great novel of the Cuban American experience. I wish I had that skill but until an Edward Rutherford comes along, I'll just cover the athletics and create what I hope will be many memories for Belen families.

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I live in Broward, but this past year I have decided to shoot only Belen . It has been a remarkable year filled with a fond bonding with so many incredible young men - certification by the Archdiocese gave me the ability to work closely with the athletic program and I fell blessed to be there. Thus, all the photos in my galleries are given to the boys and their families to provide memories for years to come and , I hope and trust, a few will remember an old, white haired guy who cared a lot ………….

Any comments, suggestion, ideas  - negative or positive - can be sent via the contact page.

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