Belen LAX 2015

I’m delighted to see that LAX is expanding at Belen - the addition of a MS team will allow the program to “farm” and harvest players for a head start - fantastic.

lax practice-1
lax practice-7

I took a few shots of practice while waiting for a MS soccer game to start - I’m anxious for the start of the season. It always happens - I hate to see a season end but eager for the next to start. Only time I really hate is June and July — OMG am I bored………...

lax practice-11
belen lax jv vs re 2-10-15-9

It takes so long - all day really, to process the JV photos at RE - the strong light and 1/2 the field in shadow and the other 1/2 so bright is a challenge.  I’m looking forward to the next game… this was a lot of fun. I’m glad such a crowd of Belen boys showed up - are they even louder outside?

belen lax jv vs re 2-10-15-126
belen lx varsity vs re 2-10-15-3

 varsity was just such a good game - so many players showing great skills. It’s going to be a fine season.

jv lax vs florida christian 2-21-15-50

Belen JV vs Florida Christian - not only was it a fantastic game but, I had some light to work with - it makes such a huge difference to the quality of the finished photo.  Photography means “writing with light” - so, you sorta have to have it! 

I can hardly believe that I drove an hour to see the MS lacrosse team on Saturday and was not awake enough to pick out the right team - in my defense, those uniforms are not Belen yellow - on the other hand, they do have Belen Jesuit printed on them. I’m just not a morning person so the real question is:  how did I drive that far asleep? 

ms lax vs gulliver 2-28-15-178
Varsity vs Gulliver 3-6-15-134

A very busy weekend 0f Lacrosse - Friday varsity vs Gulliver, Saturday at Belen early for the MS game and then back to my least favored venue to see the JV team defeat Gulliver by fighting like demons.  Ending on a high note and eager to see the Columbus game, lousy lights and all.

MS lax vs Keys Panthers 3-7-15-264

Another game bites the dust - the MS vs Keys Panthers is done and available to the right - I have to tell you the MS games are a treat for me - jus think of the years I have to work with them...

JV lax vs zGulliver 3.7-15-36

I know that the traditional Belen rivalry is with Columbus. However, to me , that is just good natured fun - sure you want very much to win any Belen Columbus game and I want you to. But, when I meet Columbus boys they’re, generally, quite nice. If I weren’t already with the greatest bunch of kids I’ve ever met I would be with the second best at Columbus - a victory over Gulliver … ah, how sweet it is, Thank you JV for warming my heart and make the rainy weekend a pleasure.

JV vs Columbus 3-10-15-25

We all know that things don’t always go as we plan, life is witness to that. The two games against Columbus are examples, but as long as we preserver and work the best we can - exhaust ourselves in our efforts we do ourselves proud. You played hard, intense - I was both impressed and worried that it might become too intense - but you persevered and while you might have lost two games you won a lot of respect - at least from one old photographer.

Varsity vs MCD 3-20-15-14

Wow, taking apart MCD on the way to a rematch with Columbus just warmed my heart and I have responded with the largest load of images to the gallery site that I have ever done - 566 images - I just wanted to make sure that everyone has something to remember this game by……… I hope I got everyone.

Lacrosse senior night-1

Just click on the above photo to be taken to the Sr Night Gallery of team photo and Seniors with their loving parents.

Varsity Sr game vs Coral Reef 4-1-15-200

For the shots of the game itself please click on the hot link to the right:

Eagerly awaiting the rematch with Columbus - 

Wow! and what a game it was:

I wish I had the the words to tell you how proud I am of you and how thrilled I was to be there to photograph the first time in 5 years that Columbus has lost in districts to another Miami High School - how profoundly wonderful that it was Belen

semi final Belen v Columbus 4-7-15-351
Varsity lax vs Gulliver 4-9-15-263

I know your sad, so am I - but, very proud as well - you knocked off Columbus and came in second in a tough district.  That is awesome, I write that with heartfelt appreciation and respect. 

Varsity lax vs Gulliver 4-9-15-203
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Until next year my friends