Belen Swimming 2014

Welcome to the 2014-15 page for Belen Jesuit Swimming. All the meets that I shoot will be hot linked at the right to take you to the gallery for that meet. As always, the photos are for you and your family without cost. I hope you enjoy them.

belen vs çolumbus swimming 10-9-13-65

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belen vs archimedian 9-10-14-53

First meet was amazing, a clear victory - just the kind I love. I hate the so called -“good game” makes me too nervous. I’m much more pleased by an old fashioned thrashing……��.

belen swimming at pinecrest 10-8-14-5

I’ve been missing swimming - this has been one very busy football season for me. I’m looking forward to shooting as much of the Ransom meet as I can - long day but I anticipate having a great day on Friday.

belen swimming at pinecrest 10-8-14-43
belen at re invitational 10-10-14-187

Ransom facilities are superb and events there are always well staged - but it was hot and very bright. I do love our little meets at Belen. More like spending time at our family pool with lots of nice people.

belen wins region 11-01-14-299

Wonderful victory over your region - although, I have to say I was not all that surprised - I would have been far more surprised if you had not won - all my respect guys - I was there early so there are a few shots at the beginning of others - just a few kids from my water polo friends - but press on there are hundreds so for you.

belen wins region 11-01-14-70