Belen swimming 2015

Last year was a terrific season for the team. i fully expect the same this season.

By the way, I remind you to invite me to club events - I’m busy at Belen but if I can make it I would certainly try.

Swim meet vs Terra 9-2-15-118

First meet of the year:  Belen vs Terra - hot, hot day first time ever that I was soaked by my own perspiration and not splashes from the pool. But, I enjoyed myself immensely and look forward to the season.

Swim meet vs Terra 9-2-15-48

Swimming vs Arch. 9-9-15-114

Actually, I’m, very pleased with the photos of the meet with Archidmedian — as my glasses were fogged up most of the time - I was never sure that i was in focus. Thankfully, experience took over and they are good - I’m enjoying the meets at Belen as it is so easy for me to shoot there - but it is like small steam room on some days. Looking forward to the next time……...

Swimming vs Arch. 9-9-15-98

Varsity vs Mater is done!

varsity vs Mater 10-14-15-28
swim districts 10-26-15-16

A very friendly, yet intense meet. Most people seemed to know and like each other. I’m truly looking forward to next week at Regionals 

swim districts 10-26-15-166