Belen Track & Cross Country 2014-15

Ah, Cross Country. The heat, the rain, the utter exhaustion on young runners faces.  it begins again.  But, mostly there’s the sweet feeling of witnessing Belen’s utter dominance. So nice…..

Pinecrest invitational - Cleary, the Middle School will continue the tradition with strong performances. These young men could dash to Athens and report the victory at Marathon with ease… not to mention the flying feet of varsity and JV………….

belen varsity -jv at pinecrest 9-11-14-7

OK, I get that they are among the best there is - I appreciate that they have to train to get that way. But, I see them running and running every time i’m at the school - miles and mikes each day. OK, their great - but it is just a tad annoying that they do it with these cherubic smiles on their faces. HOW??? Love them…..

Belen vs mater jf with xf and bkt-6
belen ms xc 10-11-12-135

I attended the All Catholic Conference MS xc meet at Belen on 10/11/14. Wow. was it hot for October - But lots of fun - regardless. Of course, I did think I would pass out trying to get ahead of Henry to shoot him winning!!

belen district champions 10-29-14-5

Deja vu all over again!  Belen wins district championship - my annual visit to Larry and Penny park are always so brief - the first 7 or 8 boys come in - Belen is done I go home - no waiting around for the lame and disabled to stumble in ……. God Bless you are amazing……………..

belen district champions 10-29-14-11
early practice 2015 part one-23

And so it begins again, same guys, sweating in the sun and running to exhaustion. Why?  Well, I think they love it but I suspect it shows the coaches who is really in shape.  To me, they are all incredible; the number of times I have seen this group running for all they are worth is far too many to count, but I know it adds up to respect. They’re just amazing.

belen at father rispoli relays-317
belen at father rispoli relays-26

The track season begins - they’ll get up eventually .

Meanwhile take a look at the images 0f the meet - I was not able to stay to the end - next you won’t be able to pry me away. I had a commitment to the JV baseball game - They won too!

Belen hosted Quad meet 3-17-15-50-2
Belen hosted MS track meet 2-18-15-65

The quad meet - all done and available to the right:

I was not prepared for how difficult coordination would be with the MS. By that, I mean that there are so many Belen middle school track athletes that when they come up for the baton pass they do it in droves - I would have to be, at least, two…. still the MS track team is as much fun to be with as the MS baseball team - ah, youth…….

Belen hosted MS track meet 2-18-15-266
Belen Quad meet 3-24-15-5

With track meets there is no way around it - cover the field events and you miss some important races.  This time:  shot put, long jump and Pole vault got attention; while the discus was just taking to long to get to the boys. What did I miss , not even sure - 

I ran into a double booking today and was off taking the Senior game photos for Lacrosse - kids and parents took precedence. I have placed two versions of the team photo on the gallery site - you’ll see why - just click on the photo:

Track 2015 team photo-2
Belen District track & Field champs 4-14-15-373

Long hot days are more then welcome when you bring home a district championship. Congratulations on a job well and truly done.

Belen District track & Field champs 4-14-15-515
MS XC at Doral 9-21-15-196

My first purely middle school cross country meet and it was a blast!

click the link to see their smiling faces!