Belen Track 2014

belen cross country districts 10-24-13-9

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In the past I have struggled to cover track appropriately because I did not give it sufficient priority. I get involved in everything else and find the season slipping away.

This year I plan to rectify that by making it a point to get to every track meet that I can.

belen track new photos 2014 -17

I was at a soccer game the other day and had a chance to take in a broad view of the small army at Belen that goes out for track. I did not have time to go over and watch pole vaulting and the like - but, coming off cross country and still in awe of their performance  My camera fixed on the Gods of distance - there are a few shots of them - just click on the link to the right. 

belen track new photos 2014 -10
belen track home 2-17-14-6

My very first track meet at Belen and it was a great experience for me. I think I’m beginning to get the flow of track. Rather than approaching it as a challenge to get everything I went with the idea that I can’t get everything on any day - at any meet and just had a good time following the guys and letting them give me advice. I was very pumped by the end and stayed up late to photoshop the days shoot and put up a , perhaps, exuberant album with 544 images. Let me know what you think - I’m looking forward to the next meet.

belen track home 3-4-14-203

Track is rapidly becoming a favorite sport. I’m not sure yet if it is the sport, the relaxed atmosphere that allows me to walk around and chat - or if it is the fact the some of the nicest young men have gone out for track giving me hordes of guys I want to chat with. I guess it doesn’t matter but I’m surprised that track has jumped so far up in my priorities.

belen home track meet 3-11-14-172

Belen Home track meet on 3/11/14 are to the right.

belen track dual meet 3-25-14-91

The dual meet on 3/25 is all done to the right - I missed some of the track as I tried to get some field in. That seems fair, but it is so hard to balance out.

Despite the heat and running through their pain -the middle school future stars of Belen get ready for their end of season track meet at Belen. The images are found at the link to the right.

ms track practice-10