Belen Volleyball 2014

belen jv volleyball vs slam 3-18-14-3
belen jv volleyball vs slam 3-18-14-32

This is the first sport since water polo that I have arrived at with zero knowledge - by zero I mean when the varsity game was over I turned to a parent and asked, “ did we win?” - Thus, the all important element of a nuanced knowledge of the sport, the understanding of timing — which can make all the difference between a snapshot and a great sports photo are not in my arsenal. I had to rely on whatever native abilities I have as photographer and sports lover.  Having said that I ask that you give me some feedback about the shots - if I put up something that makes the team or you look bad just tell me ……. trust me I have no idea.

jv volleyball vs columbus 3-26-14-44

I think I’m getting a better handle on volleyball - or perhaps it’s just an illusion. In any event I enjoy it and no longer wonder at its’ popularity around the globe.  The images are at the links to the right and, by the way, the lights at Belen gym are  so good I just love to work at home…………..

We have a guest today - I have posted pictures I took at the Ransom vs Florida Christian game on Tuesday - warming up for your incredible game against Columbus.

belen vs columbus game 1 districts 4-29-14-322
belen vs ransom everglades 5-1-14-236