Belen water polo 2015

Welcome to the 2015 season - starting cold and blustery. I decided not to shoot the Scot’s tournament this year but will be at the Boca event as always.

belen varsity vs coralgables 2-17-15-8
belen varsity vs coralgables 2-17-15-4

First up a cold night at Ransom Everglades vs the team from Coral Gables - not a potent competitor and everyone got their time in the pool - so, all in all, not a bad evening

belen vs re 2-24-15-6

Great game at Ransom - two terrific  teams collided and Belen emerged the winner - what a game.

belen vs lake mary 2-27-15-7

Finishing a busy weekend - shot two Belen water polo games and paid some respect to our Middle School Lacrosse team with two games on Saturday -in short, a great weekend.

belen vs sta 2-27-15-184
ms vs re 3-3-15-111

Two great games. of Course, I define great as Belen won - the MS looked great even against players who seemed larger and older - I have to look up what Middle school means in Florida.  Both games will be linked to the right as they are completed.

I know we need a new pool, but I hope and pray the ambiance , the lighting will be the same , I always love shooting at Belen, I can get close to the action - shoot head on and there is no glare coming off the waters of Biscayne bay - you’ll see what I mean - I really like these photos, I hope you do too.

varsity vs southwest 3-3-15-27
Belen vs Coral Gables 4-7-15-14

Belen varsity vs Coral Gables :  two teams that should not have been in the same pool - now the march towards states .

Belen vs Gulliver play in 4-11-15-160

I have to admit it, the pool complex at Gulliver is lovely. This was my first visit after years of hesitation and was very pleased by the facility and the way it was ran - Actually, the stunning victory today probably has a lot to do with my new found appreciation of Gulliver. 

This was an exciting game - I think i recall a game last year where they became state champions, how sweet it is…………..

Belen quarter final vs Seminole-98
Belen quarter final vs Seminole-177

How does one express a feeling that not only makes you happy but feel younger - a lot of my work with Belen does just that - win or lose - I win because I get to spend time with so many wonderful young people - but when they reach their own goal of state champions the vicarious joy that I feel is enough to lift the darkest of moods. Congratulations on a very special championship to a very special group of young men.

Belen takes state championship 4-18-15-320

Belen defeats Scot's in semi final 4-17-15-4

Goodbye! But, not for long I should see many of you at the Sunshine State games in Coral Springs at the end of June

Belen defeats Scot's in semi final 4-17-15-192

Auf Wiedersehen my friends……………………...