Belen water polo 2013

belen jesuit vs st. andrew's semi final-192
belen jesuit vs st. thomas aquinas championship game-4

People, Ok kids who want me to shoot their team, often ask the reasons I choose certain teams to highlight.

First, nice kids on the team goes a very long way to making me want to drive to a game. We're all a bit lazy, niceness, a welcome and a smile goes a long way to overcoming inertia.

Second, good play. These are not paintings - if the team is not playing well I don't get great shots. It's really sort of simple.

Put the two of these together and you get Belen.

belen jesuit vs gulliver 3-23-13-2

Wonderful year. Great record and a final lose in a close fought , hard played match that was a joy to watch.

Great water polo does that to you. Whether your side wins or loses that game is what matters.

These photos never go away - when we start next years games there will be a new page with a hot link to this season.

God bless you all, I had a terrific time and look forward to seeing you again. 

belen decor 2-1

belen jesuit prep vs mcd play in game-269