Belen wrestling 2015

Usually, I shoot wrestling with flash and all other sports with available light - no flash. The results are more realistic than with flash so I decided to experiment with no flash at the first meet.  Sadly, Hialeah High lights it’s gym with two candles and some prayer. It was so very dark in there - not just for photography but in general the light levels were very low.

belen wrestlinh at hialeah gardens 12-5-14-24

Still I tried and found that I will carry a flash for such instances but not use it when possible ( IE where they pay the electric bill !!)

Still, it’s very good to be back and i look forward to the season - please hang in there - I saw lots of raw talent  - give it a chance to develop - if you lost it was to others with far more experience - the more you wrestle the better you get - it’s not muscle it is moves and skill - click on the link to the right to be taken to the gallery - the photos are yours.

belen wrestlinh at hialeah gardens 12-5-14-95
belen at wildcat davie 12-12-14-109

Everyone is working so hard and it is a great deal of fun for me to see the results - the more you wrestle the better you get - simple addition. i won’t be in Tampa but I’m looking forward to the next meet.

belen @belen tournament 1-17-15-115
belen @belen tournament 1-17-15-117

I hope Belen hosts this every year.  It was like working at home - a place I can feel totally comfortable while shooting people I care about.