Club basketball

stings 1-1
stings 8-1

Guys, let me be clear and explain what I shoot. Yes, I shoot Belen and volunteer with the athletic department. But, Belen to me, is not a building and athletic facilities but an extraordinary group of young men who I have grown extremely fond of, If you were not who you are I would soon be elsewhere. So when you are playing in a club situation like this I do want to know and be given the option to come. I have gone to Homestead for club baseball and Orlando for club water polo - just let me know the schedule and I’ll come where I can.

stings 4-1

I guess I missed you - truly, I was so excited I shot several thousand images and I have posted close to 500 at the link - I guess the first game gets it out of my system a bit - like an addict getting his fix!  The first game is linked to the right - I’m glad I ran into you in the parking lot at Gibbons!

Very, very busy day last Sunday - your game followed by two freshman baseball games.  But, baseball is put to bed along with Lacrosse.  I’m glad for basketball - indoors with air is not a bad idea either!

sting at pembroke pines 4-13-14-116
stings semi final 5-4-14 vs jupiter-388
championship vs bulls 5-4-14-277

Tournament champions - to no one’s surprise.

stings game 3 on 5-17-14-2

Now for me , it’s off to vacation in June - a month traveling in Asia - but, I’m back the end of june for Belen’s White cap water polo club team playing in the Sunshine State games. If you have games after that just let me know…………...