CSCS Baseball

cscs ms vs somerset-181
cscs ms vs somerset-230


In total honesty I have far more fun at the MS and JV games than varsity that it makes me wonder……………..

Thanks to those who let me know about the game - always appreciated.

cscs ms vs somerset-109

jv  vs belen jesuit-49

Our kind hosts at Belen Jesuit gave us a warm welcome and because they knew what we would need with the Miami heat - they gave us plenty of water as well!

jv  vs belen jesuit-143


Great day - I hope these games are rescheduled soon - I always enjoy my time with theJV team - friendly and nice - what more could I ask for?

I was delighted with facility especially the bright yellow dugout wall which ,positioned correctly gave me a wonderful background to the candids. Even a little modern.

jv  vs belen jesuit-43

coral springs vs somerset-65


Great game - 

Hey guys remember to line up and watch the other team - not only smart but looks so darn cool.

coral springs vs somerset-6

coral springs varsity-13


Gentlemen - this was one fine game - thank God because two games in a row take a toll on a feeble old man like me - but I went home happy

coral springs varsity-4

coral springs jv at pine-120


Great JV game.  Too much sun in your eyes, too much heat; but a win is always appreciated.

I'm mapping out my games for this week - but Belen Jesuit next Saturday is a definite. I hope they thought to plant trees on both sides of the field - you know, the good host way to do it.

coral springs jv at pine-207

westminster final -1-1

Congratulations to both sides - four great games - I followed our Charter team but I'm sure that all the teams had the same experience.  excellent facilities and gracious hosts.

westminster final -23

If you wondered why I did not stay for the final ceremonies , it is simply my own personal ethics.  Photography, although I think I deliver professional results , was never my living and now I've retired from  the New York corporate world I have neither a need or a desire to earn a living.

These are the fun times - there was a professional hired for the final event and when I see that I leave the formal shots to him - I don't want to eat into someone's income.

This week I will catch up on some Lacrosse and the JV and Middle school teams and see you soon.  Thanks for letting me share this wonderful week with you.

westminster final -171

westminster day three-51


Wow, you broke the mystical runs past the 4th barrier.

westminster day three-97

westminster game two 3-15-12-23


Day two and "deja vu all over again."  or , perhaps, there is a mystic barrier for runs after the 4th!

Anyway, congrats!

westminster game two 3-15-12-28

Westminster gsme 1-1


I only love a cliffhanger when it ends the right way - still, this one got a little nerve wracking .  Please, I have to hold the camera steady!


csc ms-180


Now, I have seen everything!

Believe it or not I have a lot more simple fun at the Middle School games than at Varsity.

csc ms-124
Varsity 3-2-12 callout-1


Now, this was the kind of game that brings a week to a perfect close.

Congratulations! - many more to come.

Remember, the photos are free to you but always try to pay it forward. Do a random act of kindness - there must be someone at school you never talk to - say ."hello" and make their day.



Please take a moment to read the note below under the 2/28 entry about how to secure a full copy of the photos .

Wow!  The first of March and I have already shot 8 ball games.  Back in New Jersey the season is only getting started with practice and scrimmages.

I only hope their winter remains mild - God do I remember leaving games because it was just to cold to continue to shoot.

varsity atpinecrest-57



If you want any photo from my galleries it is yours free. BUT, to secure a photo, a right click and copy paste will only get a tiny thumbnail shot.  You can have the full size photo and the ability to use it by the following method.  When in a gallery the small photos are to the left and the large one ( any thumbnail selected becomes the large one ) let your mouse hover over the photo and a menu will appear the lowest item which looks like a file folder is the download button - click on it and a full copy of the photo will download to your computer. PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR HELP PAGE

varsity atpinecrest-69

JV vs University-1


Another great game today - glad I was able to make it. I hope you are enjoying the photos as much as I take pleasure in taking them.

I took advantage of the good light today to take a lot of portrait shots - guys, these are not just for Facebook - please show the site to your parents. In my experience these are the shots that they treasure.


Finally!  I made it to a varsity game and what a terrific game to see as my first. Truly, I had a great time - nail bitting and all.

I was delighted by the reception from the players; friendly, good manners - the parents of the Charter players have a lot to be proud of.

PLEASE!  Despite the warm welcome I get the feeling that few of the varsity players are aware of my site - do what you can to spread the word.


ms vs calvary christian-29

Sorry!  No sooner do I tell everyone that the photos are up by the end of the following day  then I'm late.  I sat at my desk all day with a tech support group cleaning up a computer virus. So, let me amend my statement - " IN GENERAL, the photos are up on the site by the end of the day following the game.

ms vs calvary christian-66


I've been asked when game shots are ready.

If i shoot your game the photos should be up on the site no later than after practice the next day.  I shoot a professional format called camera raw so the Jpeg images do not come ready made when I download to the computer. This is done because the format is the highest  of quality possible but each photo needs to be done in photoshop.  Without this many of the night game shots would not be possible.

By the way, my specialty is candids; I have a lot of fun with them and parents love them; so please indulge me…..

The shots of the 2/17 game are up - if you're looking for another game remember to scroll down on the sidebar - I load in descending order from most recent.


My first baseball game of the high school season and how I look forward to it each year.

jv baseball-36

Of course, I could do with a little sunshine and just a tiny spot of an area to shoot from. I hope all of the fields are not such fortresses of well thought out protection! Oh well, I think I got a good selection. You can access the photos for any game that I go to by finding the game to the right and clicking on the title.  This takes you to a photo hosting site where you can download the photos -they are free of any charge; however, I do ask that you, " pay it forward" , do something nice for someone.  Wash dad's car - do something; it will come to you with practice :)

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