Coral Springs Charter Football 2013

team photos -group-6

Good news for the "young'uns - that's a lot of seniors!

Off we go again.  For the sake of clarity the spring game and previous practice sessions in May  are at the link to the left with the previous season. This years games starting with the Blue and White game of Aug. 16, 2013 are to the right.


Great game today guys - just what I needed to get me off the couch - or, actually, out of bed. Looking forward to next week against Saint John Newman.


 Perfect weather - two fine teams and no need to drive to Naples. Lovely a town as it is - this was a terrific afternoon.  All the photos are at the link on the right.

cscs vs calvary 9-6-13-73


Great Game - fantastic outcome overcoming so many missed late hit calls while keeping your cool was a fantastic lesson - well learned.

cscs ms vs university 9-17-13-39

MY first middle school game - lots of rain but lots of fun with a group that I don't know. But I think we had a good time all things considered - the images are to the right.

cscs jv vs pinecrest 10-3-13-45

 Well, Pinecrest was a rough one, truth be told.  The photos are ready at the right - looking forward to the Varsity game.

cscs jv vs pinecrest 10-3-13-47

Wow!  The lights at Pinecrest were the worst I have seen in a very long time.  I struggled all weekend with getting as much punch and quality as I could for you guys - finally done - they are what they are.

cscs varsity vs pope jp 10-11-13-19

Pope John Paul - great game  - you played like animals - poor guys went out on their field expecting a repeat of last year - you completely ruined their homecoming ….. but made my night.

cscs jv vs pompano 10-17-13-255
cscs semi final vs john carroll 10-31-13-17

A fine end to the season, loved the luncheon and the time with all of you - looking forward to the spring game.