Coral Springs High School Water Polo 2012

cshs boys vs. flanagan-92
csc game 2 boys-9


All the shots from the two games on Monday between Coral Springs are up on my galleries - you can access by clicking on the links to the right.

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coral sprins vs hollywood hills-38


I have loaded the shots from the boy's game -and I'm moving on to the girl's

Happy Easter Weekend and Passover to all

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cshs boys vs. flanagan-46


Guys, O.K. so the picture to the left is not your typical water polo shot. However, it does illustrate one of the following: (1) I'm not a typical photographer(2) I'm new to water polo and have no idea what it looks like ; or (3) With camera in hand and officials who are VERY late I will do what I do best - candids. Those of you who are freshman should consider an external hard drive for the family archive - you are going to have a lot of photos.

By the way, I have to mention that you and the Lacrosse team at the Charter school are, truly, the nicest and most open group I have ever worked with.  Thanks so much, I mean well but I know that a camera in your face can be a pain lower down.

cshs boys vs. flanagan-122

coral springs vs deerfield beach-7-2


Photography means, "writing with light" - it's from the greek and even the ancientGreeks knew you need light.  Oh well, sometimes you don't have it - like late swim meets at Deerfield Beach! 

I think I was able to adapt - the less light the less the quality and the less sharp the images - also, as the sun sets and it's light goes through more atmosphere ( sideways ) the light turns red - our brains color correct this so we don't see the full effect. but, the camera captures it. So it's a trade off, it can be lovely but hard to stop action.  I corrected enough in Photoshop to make it "ok" but left enough for the effect. I hope you like these. I tried to take as much as possible for both teams - The gallery has both the girls and the boys games loaded,

coral springs vs deerfield beach-26-2

coraal sprigs water polo-115


This was only my second Water polo match and I would enjoy hearing your opinion of my approach to the  sport.

I practice a sort of environmental portraiture that finds it's expression in sports. Each frozen moment is a portrait of the athlete - the action, at least for me, is secondary.

Thus, I have a tendency to poke my camera in your face a lot! You'll wonder, "what now?" but I think the send result for you and your family will be worth it.

I'm retired and approach this purely as a hobby. The photos are yours and you can download the full image from the galleries.  if you need help please check the help page here.

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I was late to the girl's game - I have posted what I was able to get,

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I support the concept of paying it forward - the photos are yours - my gift - you owe nothing - but please do something nice for someone else. It's not hard - call your grandparents for no reason - anything !

I plan to be at your next game on 3/17 - please email me if there is a game before that.

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This was my first adventure with Water Polo ( swimming is one of my favorite sports ) and I was amazed at how much fun it is and the degree of strength and skill that is displayed. I can't think why the stands aren't packed. I will certainly be back.  As this was my first game I would appreciate hearing what I think about the photos - the good the bad - don't hold back I want to learn.

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