CSCS Football 

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A terrific year, I became deeply fond of these fine young men and look forward to a continuing future of following the team. As long as mother nature gives me the strength!

cscs varsity football vs marathon 11-1-12-12
last game of the season 11-8-12-226
last game of the season 11-8-12-1

The last hurrah for 2012:

I will seriously miss our weekly football games but take comfort from the idea that I will see many of you in other sports before we say goodbye to 2012/13.

I had a great time with all of you, win or lose you kept your spirits high and my respect and fondness runs deep.

My thanks and appreciation not only to the players but also to the coaches who all treated me with respect and camaraderie 

last game of the season 11-8-12-25

cscs varsity football vs marathon 11-1-12-77


Just a terrific game!

I hope you enjoy the photos - I know I enjoyed taking them!

cscs varsity football vs marathon 11-1-12-49

varsity vs westminster-25
varsity vs westminster-22


Ah, Westminster - lousy lights. obnoxious canon fire and a humid evening. Yes, we've all had better nights….

jv football vs charminde 10-18-12-107

Congrats! Loved this game - just the right amount of suspense but I never thought the end was in doubt. 

Photos to the rig

jv football vs charminde 10-18-12-233

homecoming game -3
homecoming game -24


The shots from the Homecoming game against Pope John Paul are up and accessed to the right. The informal senior shots and homecoming are included.

homecoming game -233

cscs vs pinecrest-305
cscs vs pinecrest-223


The game shots from the Coral Springs Charter vs Pinecrest varsity game are up at the right.

I put up a lot of band shots - Please let the band know as they don't know me.

cscs vs pinecrest-34

charter vs scots - the win-125
charter vs scots - the win-1


Incredible game!  I doubt that I was able to do justice to it - but my efforts are hot linked at the right:

charter jv vs calvary christian-219
charter jv vs calvary christian-113


Great game - I did a lot of portraits during the rain delay-  PLEASE take the time to show these to your parents!

charter varsity vs benjamin-39

A hard fought evening - a true test of nerves and will - my view of the game is to the right:

charter jv vs benjamin-82

charter jv vs benjamin-39


O.K. not the best of days or the best of games….. next week is another game. shake it off and practice hard.

charter jv vs benjamin-60

cscs j.v. football vs john carroll-5


The game was terrific - rain delay or not!

Everything is up and accessed through the right

varsity vs miami day-47


Short game - yet fun. I always have fun when  your winning! When will the rain end?  My poor Elijah is beginning to question the move to Florida - a few more thunder storms and we'll both be on meds! 

varsity vs miami day-42

Anyway, I still had a good though brief time…….. I hope I see you out in support of the J.V. on Thursday - be honest with you I'm hesitating about making the drive to Fort Pierce next Friday - I might opt for the swim meet - it might be the only one I make this season as my calendar is getting full - understand that at a certain age driving at night loses all fun and sense.

But, I'll not miss another game !

varsity vs miami day-153

cscs jv football game 1-86
cscs jv football game 1-111cscs jv football game 1-114


Last football season I was in New Jersey , wearing fingerless gloves and freezing at the night games. Yesterday, I thought I would pass out while watching the  usual gathering Florida thunder storm. But, in both cases I was with a team I'm very fond of - I'm blessed to have found another group to volunteer with who gives me the same simple pleasure to be with.

The J.V. photos are accessed by the link to the right. By the way, if you want to receive the announcements just "friend" me, Donald Hunsinger on face book.

cscs vs somerset-134
cscs vs somerset-235

"Listen kid, don't bug me about plays. I'm on camera.  Just go out there and make us proud."

Great game guys. I'm sorry it took a full day but I had a lot of photos to do - about 500 hundred. I know it's a lot but it's my goal to make sure everyone has a good selection - memories for you and your parents that i hope will last a lifetime.

Now, Tuesday it's on to the J.V.

cscs vs somerset-95

cscs football vs st. john neumann-83
cscs football vs st. john neumann-8


I have to say it again, " what a game" and what a way to start a season.

I put up more than 400 photos for you - take your time and look them over. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy taking them.  I can't tell you how much I look forward to the rest of the season.

Thursday is the first J.V. game and I'm sure it will go as well; I know I'm more than psyched for it - it's about time I stop taking photos of the JV quarterbacks on the sidelines and see them in action


blue navy game-131
blue navy game-59


I'm glad you got this game in - so important to try out plays - make sure they are clear and well coordinated.

On my part, I have put up a very large amount of photos of the game.  Most photographers, for their portfolios, put up only the very best - maybe 8 % of what they shoot.  I put up about 30% - why?  By season's end I want you all to have shots that give memories to you and your parents.  I would rather have you make the selection rather than me. What I might cut you might cherish - it's easy to just shot the quarter backs and the receivers and call it a day. So be patient, go through the shots and I'm sure by season's end you will have a good selection - if you don't then I will have failed since that is my goal

csc football team-63

csc football team-67


The Coral springs Charter Football team 

photos are up on my site - please see the

Icon to the right - I hope you enjoy them as

much as I enjoyed taking them.

Look at these guys - sixth grade to SENIOR year - longevity and developed skills.

csc football team-59

coral springs charter spring scrimmage-36

They also serve, who stand and wait , always hoping they won't be needed.

coral springs charter spring scrimmage-161

Let's consider this the start of a beautiful friendship………….

I've blocked my calendar to be with you this coming season. I have August 24th already on my calendar and looking forward not only to you but to REAL BLACK AND WHITE SUITED OFFICIALS.  Ah! a penny saved is ( no disrespect to Mr. Franklin ) not always a penny earned………...