CSCS Baseball 

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 2011, July 1 to be exact, is the date and year that I made it to retirement. Perhaps retiring to Florida is not a very original idea but I gave in to my arthritis and bought a house in Tamarac.

For more than 40 years I have been an avid amateur photography; forgive me if I rush to point out that 'amateur" means not my source of income and has nothing to do with quality of work.  Indeed, I think that art flourishes when money is off the table along with obligations to deliver.

During my last years before moving to Florida I concentrated my efforts on two schools - South Plainfield High whose wrestling time has been phenomenal for as long as I can remember and who just won states for the second time in three years and St. Joseph's Metuchen whose 

swim team has won the county for as long as the conference has existed. Win or 

lose is not an issue for me - my style of photography is called environmental - you get action but a lot of candid moments.  The only upside of strong teams is a vigor to the photos lent by the excitement of the athletes.

If you know anyone in Middlesex County New Jersey the link above left will take you to the last season there.