CSCS football 2014

cscs commisioners cup 5-30-14-423

What a great way to start your season. Have a great summer and I will see you in August.

As always, each game will have an icon photo to the right just click on the hotlink above the photo and you’ll be taken to the game gallery. You can download any photo by using the menu tools on the gallery page. If you have a problem go tot he help page on the main menu above.

robert 2-1

Welcome to the 2014 season. The team photos are up on the gallery - see the link to the right. The individual shots will be up in a day or so. Looking forward to as much of the season as I can make.

cscs jv vs doral 8-28-14-31

Scheduling hasn’t worked to get me to a varsity game yet. But, I was delighted to see the Junior varsity play so very well against the boys from Doral Academy. Excellent job - I’m sure it will only get better as the year progresses.

The photos from the practice session on Labor Day are to the right.