Coral Springs Charter Football 2013

The 2013 school season

For some sports I cover as many teams as possible - never saw a water polo game or wrestling meet I did not want to cover.

But for football it is only Coral Springs Charter - varsity,  I go elsewhere only when time permits - never when Charter is playing!

first spring football practice 5-7-13-201
first spring football practice 5-7-13-48

May 7 I took Elijah down to see his team; you see he will celebrate his 7th birthday on game day - I will have to text him updates. The next day he decided to sleep in and I covered my first practice session. I'm so eager for the spring game I'm as charged as the team is - Elijah, sorry to say, is still napping……..

first spring football practice 5-7-13-51
first spring football practice 5-7-13-146

The images of the first practice session are here :

I hope you enjoy them and I'll be back soon.

5-13-12 footbll practice two-22-1

Practice session number two - images are right here.

bluw white 3-17-13-46
bluw white 3-17-13-153

May 17.

The annual Blue White scrimmage where the JV gets to beat up the varsity. I love it and I had one great time.

Looking forward to the game on the 23rd! - meanwhile the game images from Blue and White are here.

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2013 spring game -113

Great game! What a way to end our school year. The images are here and it's a great joy to be able to share them with you.

bluw white 3-17-13-104

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5-13-12 footbll practice two-34