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sfwpc practice session-57

Sometimes the elegance of swimming merges with the strength and passion of water polo.

south florida co ed under 14 vs belen club 9-30-10

south florida co ed under 14 vs belen club 9-30-11


The three games I shot at this tournament - really 3 and 1/2 before I left - each game is on a separate hot link to the right.

odp training plantation-1

Evaluations for the Olympic water polo development program took place , locally, in Plantation this Saturday.

By my count, 22 athletes 

from all of the South Florida ( the other site was Orlando ) took part in rigorous exercise to demonstrate their mettle.

odp training plantation-54


miami water polo club-47
miami water polo club-51

My friend Yoda the team MVP - junior squad.

The photos from Saturday's practice are accessed through clicking on the icon to the right

miami water polo club-197

sfwpc vs scotts-223
s.f.w.p.club vs plantation-103

The images of the third and final game that I shot are up to the right. It was Plantation vs. SFWPC


sfwpc vs scotts-235

Shots from the tournament at the Coral Springs Aquatic Center are going up, as I complete them, by game link at right.

note: the game number refers only to the order I shot in. Not the tournaments as I did not shoot each game - it was so hot I fled before the last games.

sfwpc vs scotts-30

sfwpc practice -38

sfwpc practice -44


First time ever to use high speed synch with flash at a game.  Some pro flashes allow the flash to "synch" or work at very high speeds which allow the photographer  to use the flash for "fill lighting" or even to stop the action with lower ISO settings; delivering higher image quality.  The players tell me they don't even see the flash ( it is very high speed ) but will the refs see it that way.  Trying to think of ways to  work around the pitiful lights at some of the pools. Yes, Deerfield this is you! Love ya - but coal mines are better venues.

sfwpc practice -7


Each time I go to practice I try to experiment a bit.Today I tried to synch my flash to a very high speed - top of the line flashes are capable of this but I need to make sure that the effect on my style is positive rather than negative.

sfwpc practice -53


And another SFWPC practice!  Good luck to both teams at Junior Olympics in California


I'll be back next monday - I hope there will be a big turnout.


7/23 - 

Has it really been 12 days since I was at water polo? 

sfwpc practice session-6

well, perhaps the weather had something to do with it.  After all,last night was a little iffy - but, the lightening gave a little time for football and for some to catch up on their reading.

sfwpc practice session-22


south florida water polo club practice-7

My neurotic Boston Terrier kept me up most of the night distraught about the thunder, that's the bad news ; the good is that I had plenty of time to work on the images from practice.

My goal last night was to work on black and white conversions, toned images, pseudo HD and a lot of little tweaks  to my ideas about composition in water polo photography that the constraints of a game prevent me from working on - it's what makes your practice such a valuable learning lab for me.

When I lived in New Jersey I used a local skate board park for such studies - this is so much better!

south florida water polo club practice-32

20120707 general lead-1
20120707 austin lead-1


ST. ANDREW'S tournament - done and all photos linked to a new page accessed to the right.

sfwpc practice session-102


Practicing at practice again.  Today I wanted to see how well  I could use the spot meter function  in my EOS 5 mark III to shoot against the sun.  

Sort of works, but the issue is the highly reflective water.  So back to shooting evaluative.

Oh and yes, I played with portrait shots again - always my go to favorites.

sfwpc practice session-39

sfwpc practice session-321
sfwpc practice session-31
sfwpc practice session-213

sfwpc practice session-216


Perhaps Saturday I'll shoot a full scrimmage. I seem to have been in the mood to catch my little insights to the game by walking around and picking off every candid that I can find.

Truth be told, this is my sport specialty and the images that you will remember long after the action shots fade from memory .

sfwpc practice session-85


Great night at practice, I was lazy and spent most of my time with individual work such as the goalies rather than following the scrimmage.

But, what a great night - no rain. Very contrasty light to work with but good nonetheless

sfwpc practice session-143

The Scots hosted  at their excellent facility in Boca. 

scots vs plantation game three-239
scots vs plantation game three-167

6/23  I was able to stay for three of the four games and had a great time.  I'm so glad that the rain held out and look forward to coming again. The game shots are accessed by the links to the right.

scots vs plantation game one-233
scots vs plantation game three-241

so flo practice -205

so flo practice -267


Tonight, my practice was to isolate a player from the surroundings as much as possible.

I know it sounds counter intuitive but I think it will help me with framing the action shots better when shooting an actual game.

There is a theory in sports photography that it is impossible, due to the speed of the action, to compose while shooting the game.

While I agree that it is hard and, mostly, impossible I believe that practicing the very hard to achieve is what makes the achievable more predictable and sublime.

so flo practice -249

A portrait! What could be more simple and more complex, more obvious and more profound. - Charles Baudelaire - 1859

sfwpc practice -182
sfwpc practice -11


Tonights images require a brief word of explanation.  I always love to include portrait shots , sideline pictures of laughing, happy, pranking young athletes.  Environmental portraiture if it needs a name. I have always contended that these are the photos that the parents truly love.

Well, tonight some parents asked for lots of head shots - I'm trying to get as many as possible.

sfwpc practice -47

6/10 - I hope these few images show the kind of fun that we all had in Orlando this Saturday.

6/12 - at last! all the photos from Orlando are available at right!

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Well, both South Florida W.P.C. teams winning all six of their games helped nail down the fun. You see I have a character flaw, I like to say that there is nothing better than a highly competitive game between two well matched teams. I lie. I love to see you win and win , rest, then win some more.  So, all in all, a good Saturday.

I'm working on the photos from the game as fast as I can ( honestly I'm tired ) and the games will appear to the right in the order that they were played.

I still have some new ideas to try regarding  the best way to use this new camera I have for water polo. Really, 61 selectable points of focus! I have to narrow this to track the ball better. Still, these are good - I just practice as hard as you do in the hopes of, someday, being as good as you.

new page 3-1

Where to go with a complex new camera to practice and learn - where else? A little H2O polo practice

so flo practice-232

I picked up a new canon Mark iii - a new pro camera that has only been out a few weeks. I swear to you, people who write instruction manuals belong to a secrete religion sworn to confuse everyone.

To be honest the thing is magnificent, pricey,but incredible.  Superb low light abilities, it can even shoot High Def video.

At least, the manual says so - I'll get the settings right by Saturday.  If the rain holds off I might be back at practice - I have to get it right before the games on Saturday

so flo practice-241

SE Zone Summer League at PJ Meli 6/3/12 

st. andrew's vs plantation-4

st. andrew's vs plantation-20

There has to be a better way to communicate. I got a call on Sunday about these games when the first  Scots boys game was already started. Dressed , drove over and saw the rest of the day. But, there would be more coverage if I had only known.

One would expect the SE website to have a schedule!

page effect-1
south florida team scrimmage-8

I'm looking at these sessions as my practice as much as yours. With each one I emerge more confident that I can anticipate and capture the action of water polo with a clearer understanding. Peel away the technical difficulties and there is time to compose, look for the beauty inherent in athletics - while not missing the crucial shots.

The difference between artist and the snap shot shooter often comes down to the dedication to practice , practice and then, when you think your good - go out and practice some more - a lot more.

south florida team scrimmage-70

Last night I took the opportunity to "play" in photoshop a bit. Some things like the oil painting effect at top are obvious. Less so, are shots like Levy ( right ) in which I use the tool to simulate a very trendy high contrast effect that is now popular with magazine and fashion photographers.

Below my young friends are flying through the water with simulate High Dynamic range - very high def. True HD requires the blending of three different negatives -impossible with sport - but I have learned to simulate the effect. Below that you'll see Brandon and friends lounging at poolside treated with a technique that desaturates the color but gives a very , very trendy look to the photo - almost old school.

south florida team scrimmage-38

south florida team scrimmage-257

Remember all photos are linked to the right and I look forward to the next time

so flo practice 5-19-12-41
so flo practice 5-19-12-27

I got a lot out of the practice session today. As I'm so very new to Water Polo every game - even a practice scrimmage that I get to gives me more experience - more practice - and the better I get.`In fact, these are some of the best "peak action" shots that I have -It takes some time to arrive at a point where the photographer can  anticipate action sufficiently to press the shutter before the action happens which is the only way to capture the peak point.

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so flo practice 5-19-12-70