High School H2O Polo 

Another year. My second Florida water polo season. Who knew retirement would be this much fun - or pass so frighteningly quickly?

If you're new to this site the images are my gift to you and your parents - memories that I trust will endure. All I ever ask is that you do a simple act of kindness for someone else - just "pay it forward " and we're even. A sort of "tithe" to humanity. PLEASE show the site to your parents - my "niche" is environmental portraits taken in an sports arena…… the portraits are not just for Facebook they're for Mom and Dad……

If your team Played in the Ransom Tournament from 4/5 to 4/6 please click here to be taken to the tournament page

What a Goalie! -I'm dearly looking forward to seeing more excellent play at the games leading up to states at Ransom Everglades.

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Welcome Suncoast. The images are a gift - all I ask is that you "pay it forward" - a simple act of kindness to someone else will repay me for the photos.  Which, by the way, I hope you enjoy. I did shoot one of your games at Ransom so also check the hot link above for the tournament page.  If all three of your Deerfield games are not here just check back. I add games as I finish processing.

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Grace, strength and steel eyed determination. Why I love this sport

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Thursday I had the pleasure to shoot Cardinal Gibbons and Flanagan as well as Western vs Cooper City.

As always, if one of the games is not shown at right - it is on the way - just check back as I assure you I'm working on them.

cooper city vs western 4-11-13-162

I've never heard whether Western players like my work or not. but a reliable source assures me they do. So how about a response below????

Love my work or hate it your comments below are always appreciated.