2012-13 was a terrific season for me and I eagerly awaited the start of the new season. Starting it with the knowledge that wrestling has been restored to it's rightful place as a honored sport as old as the games themselves fills me with great satisfaction.

coral springs day one-30-2

The photos of  Charter's participation in the annual Coral Springs invitational has a link to the right.  If you are looking for Belen Jesuit please see the Belen page above and follow the links.

seahorse day two 11-30-13-108

The 39th annual Seahorse tournament was held in Coral Springs City Gymnasium from 11/29 to 11/30 . An amazing group of wrestlers - fantastic individual efforts - both days are covered to the right.

south beach slam 12-13-13-327
maverick day two-75(1)

The Archbishop McCarthy invitational was a great success last year and I have been looking forward to it for a full year. It was one of my favorite shoots as so many of my favorite wrestlers were there. Wrestling is the one sport were, while I follow Belen and Coral Springs Charter as schools , I really follow wrestlers who I have come to know - tremendous kids from Columbus and McCarthy and others keep me busy & exhausted running from mat to mat and I love it - Click on the photo of a favorite of mine being a gentleman while his parents go wild to get to the galleries of last year’s meet. This years are to the right.

maverick invit. dayh one 1-3-14-134

This years Maverick Invitational at Archbishop McCarthy was even better than last year - lots of good wrestling and a well run - quickly moving format - I took so many shots that it took longer than expected to put them on the site - but, done at last.

maverick invit. dayh two 1-4-14-10