Belen Tennis 2015

belen vs westminster 2-25-15-4

Tennis is very new to me - I never played, actually I have never even watched it on TV. In my large world of sport it is the one that always slipped away and Spring is such a crowded smorgasbord of sports.

Having said that, I hasten to add that I enjoyed the experience, plan to repeat it and welcome any critique you man have.

belen vs westminster 2-25-15-25

First up, Belen defeats Westminster.

On April 7 I saw Belen defeat - totally - Boyton Beach - they came a long way ( just south of West Palm Beach ) to be so humbled.

Belen vs Boyton Beach 4-7-15-129

Columbus vs RE 4-7-15-58

I have to wonder why the Belen boys don’t get frustrated and distracted by the presence of a photographer. I must say, when Victor was kicked out as well I felt I was in good company - oh well, always another year and I’ll be back - 

Columbus vs RE 4-7-15-4