Indoor Soccer - Juniors

Next to swimming this is the hardest sport that I follow. One of the major issues with swimming is the heads are under water so much that I have only a small window of opportunity to catch the shot - a challenge that I love

Indoor - Chris-5

Indoor soccer, on the other hand, is just so fast, the distances so compressed that my timing is totally off.  It is getting better but it will take some time.

Oh well, the games are short - the company pleasant and it fills a weekend void and I do love a challenge.

It will be spring soon anyway and then we have spring soccer and baseball - life is good


Photos from the February 20 game are up.

Indoor soccer vs Fury-206

Photos from the February 13 game are up - I think I may be getting the hang of this.

Indoor Chris 02-06-11-70The photos from the February 6 game are up on the site.

Double click on the hot link for the game at right to get to the album.

Indoor soccer -73

Wow, looking good.

Indoor - Chris-9

The shots from the game on Sunday the 23 rd are at the right.

I'm glad there is a second season - if I stayed home i might have to clean or something.