JFK Swimming 2010-2011 season

JFK vs WHS-1
What a nice bunch!  Seriously, I made a lot of effort to get to JFK swim meets this year along with SPHS and it was well worth it. Not a person on the team that  did not make me feel free to work with them and the parents have been nothing but fantastic to work with. Now a few of you ( you know who you are! ) made me take a zillion photos to break down the shyness barrier - but, I'm  a patient man and hope I made a friend or two.

NEXT YEAR - the same - I'll get to every meet that I can.JFK vs WHS-24

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IMG_6464Thinking about next year brought to mind previous years when JFk was the only team that I followed - really introduced me to swimming - this is my third season and my work is far, far better now - I had a lot to learn! 

Unfortunately, I had a hard drive crash some months back that taught me to set up automatic back ups - which I have now done. But, I lost a lot.  The old swim pictures that I have are loaded on the site and can be reached by clicking on the photo of the young man who taught me how to deal with the "gun event" I miss him.

Spring soccer 2008 a 284Now, what would we have done if Connor had to wring out all that hair; he would never have made the bus!

This was Spring soccer a few years back - if you would like to see Liam and Connor and some other old friends playing soccer for JFK click here.


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JFK vs WHS-13

 SPHS and JFK-36

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This is the style that I love the shot that looks like a Norman Rockwell ...