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Somehow I lost communication regarding playoff games.  I'm very sorry about that - but, I hope that next year I'm able to coordinate better.

Marjory Stoneman Douglas team:  You can move down to see the entry for your game against the Charter school and a discussion of how to secure your free photos.  The link to the gallery is to the right - shots from the Coral Springs Christian game will be up late Friday.

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I wanted so much to get to your game and ended up late. I had no idea that the game time had changed.

I want very much to attend some of the playoffs of districts so I hope someone can keep me informed of the schedule.

I can manage this by Facebook if you want to "friend" Don hunsinger.

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OMG!  How i hate night games. Colors lack saturation, it's hard to stop the action - photos are less sharp, etc.

O.K. I'll stop complaining I still enjoy being with your team even when a nasty referee has me locked to a small area.

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With two local teams I wanted to give a selection to both sides so I have loaded a very large selection to my gallery of this game. It will take some time to look at!

FOR THE DOUGLAS TEAM: these photos are yours for no fee other than a request  that you "pay it forward" do something kind for someone else. For me? Just say hello next time we meet.

See the help page here for download assistance - this is NOT a right click and copy process. That will only get you a tiny thumbnail image - a proper download will give you the full photo and the ability to use , get printed -whatever.

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I'm trying to make sure that everyone has something.  I hope I'm successful. I won't be in West Palm on Friday - I have neglected the JV baseball team in favor of you guys. But, I'll be there on Monday and look forward to it.

For those of you who have friended me on Facebook you should be seeing the announcements.

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I've posted over three hundred photos to the gallery.  Quite a lot.But, I'm in a learning phase - finding out enough to be able to highlight the performance of everyone. All the players, who have a strategic effect on the outcome of a game.  Up to now I have been relying on following the ball - in baseball, for example , I might focus on third base because I know that the most significant action will be there - in short, understand both the strategy and the logic of a sport.  That is what makes my kind of photography so exciting - not just the action but the intellectual insight that developed; all why keeping an eye on my ever favorite candid portraits.  I'm not there yet with Lacrosse - but I will be.

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This is a great first year of retirement. I added two new sports - Lacrosse and Water Polo and they are seriously at risk to become my new two favorites. Well, I won't be bored.

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One thing you should know, my photographic vision is one of describing sports through environmental portraiture. Each shot I take is a view of the athlete as a person responding to the environment of his sport.

So, It may look like a stupid shot of putting on a helmet , drinking, fixing a stick but I'm after the sort of thing at the left and all through my galleries.

Just bear with me and please show this site to your parents - they love this sort of photo.

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The photos in my galleries are free - you may download them for your own use. I ask that you join me in supporting "pay it forward" Please do a random act of kindness for someone else.

Double click on the game name in the column to the right to go to the galleries There is a help page if you have problems downloading. Click here for help.

Truth be told, I have never shot Lacrosse before. Retirement gives me the opportunity to increase my skills and add more sports to my quiver.

If you browse any of my galleries ( I know who has the time ) you will see that I practice environmental portraiture - even though my specialty is sport -each shot is a photo - a capture of YOU - not the action. The action is incidental to the athlete; his work, sweat, muscles, smiles and groans are what sport is all about - capturing these on the field of play is what makes the memories for you and your parents.   The very best of the news photographers do this - too many are only rushing to get an "action shot" that will sell and fit two column inches.  I understand - but, you see, I don't have to earn a living - did tha

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