High School Lacrosse

lax 6-1

Until the season starts we bring you the fall league.

douglas-phoenix game two -68
douglas-phoenix game two -142

Game two - what can I say ? Number 7 was on fire and a good time was had by all!

douglas-phoenix game one 12-27-12-122
douglas-phoenix game one 12-27-12-1

I was delighted that the played from Douglas invited me to their games this past Saturday.  I was there for two games - they are accessed to the right.  Please enjoy, take what you like and I would be pleased to hear some feedback.

fall lax cscs.doug.jp vs pinecrest-112
fall lax cscs.doug.jp vs pinecrest-15


For shots of the mixed team game at North Broward Prep vs the Pinecreast team please click on the icon to the right.

csc fall lacrosse-14
csc fall lacrosse-2


I was so proud to see how happy he is that I came to the game……….

charter fall lax vs pinecrest-63
charter fall lax vs pinecrest-13


I never saw so much light blue on a playing field - Those orange pennys from game one looked very good to me - I missed so many shots because I was following the wrong player. 

game one fall lax-5

game one fall lax-76


HOT!  My lord it must have been terrible to be running. But, I think as time progresses you will get more used to it - not sure I will.

My plan is to come to the games each Sunday. For quality reasons I put every shot through photoshop to ensure color, sharpness and some special effects so it takes me a little time to get the photos up. But, they will be on this page.

There are a lot of new players who I don't know so please share Elijahquest with your team mates.