Milander Tournament May 20, 2012

soflo under 14 championship game-119

soflo under 14 game 1-4

I would not have guessed how much I would enjoy the under 14 ( I follow the under 18 team and Aquinas / Cooper City during the school year and those guys have given me a jaded attitude about what constitutes good play.  Take a look at the practice shots on the Club play page to see what I mean.

Well, thank God that during the years it tool for my hair to turn white I was able to also learn sufficient humility to admit to being wrong when I am so clearly wrong.

Now, don't let it go to your heads - you can't - yet - beat the older guys but I was delighted with the spirit - the aggressive attacks - with speed and daring that you exhibited.  As long as the team mom's let me know the local schedules I will be back and I'm looking forward to it.

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gables under 18?-1

I shot an under 16 boys game and have no idea the name of either team; although, I think they were from Miami and Coral Gables. I gave out some cards so If this sounds like you…………the shots are up at the link at the left.

I also shot an under 18 team - if you know them pass the site on please.

under 16 game -35