New Jersey Swimming 

Wardlaw relays 2011-1-2

Happy Holidays - I will miss you all very much….. however, it is 12/28 as I type and it is 82 degrees in Fort Luaderdale - so there are compensations.

Note, since I'm, leaving soon for Florida I'm making every attempt to take as many  candid portrait shots as possible for the parents - bear with me!

I have only been shooting swimming for a few years but it has become one of my favorite sports.  I hope I have learned enough to do the athletes justice. This is a hard sport, not only to photograph ( I never know when the head will come up and present a shot ) but to compete in. Yet, it has grace and elegance I've become a better artist by seeking out the  interactions and memorable moments.

saint joes's vs bridgewater-78
Wardlaw relays 2011-1-3