" The world is a book and those who have not traveled have read only one page." - saint Augustine.

I admit, I'm jaded. I traveled on business for twenty years both domestic and international. I know London like a second home, never get lost in Paris and , frankly, I had thought of retiring in Bangkok, Mexico City or Toronto.


Sadly, i used to leave the camera home. A laptop was my only companion.  As I approached retirement I began to think that , now and then,  I should leave the laptop and take the camera - so much better for my soul. This is where the new Ipad is a soul saver - not just a tool.I started with a trip to

Thailand and I've added a gallery from that trip - one I did not shoot with my professional level gear but with a simple Canon power shot - one of those point and shoot pocket cameras that we all use. My goal was to see if the camera was paramount or the eye - I think it is the eye, the vision , but i did miss the functions of pro gear. One thing that I plan to do - say right after retirement is to go back and concentrate on a photo essay rather than the mad rush of a tourist.

As I get older the places might not be as exotic as Bangkok. Lord, are those flights long and hard! You have to do it to appreciate the jet lag. Feet in cement and a mind that simply will not work!  ( Click on the titles at the right to view the photos )