Play in games and State Finals at Ransom Everglades

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Play in games at Ransom Everglades: 4/23

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Belen vs Miami Country Day play in game. As always, I had a great time working on my vision of sports photography - take the shot to the left, an idea to use strong vertical elements to separate and , thus, augment the players. I think it works - at least - as art if not as portraiture. I hope you and your parents enjoy these efforts.

I selected an unusual number of end shots - the handshakes, because while this game was won handily by Belen the warmth of the congratulations was remarkable and shows two teams of fine young men. To me: the very definition of sport.

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Please click here to be taken to the gallery for the Ransom Everglades vs Miami Country Day girls game

st andrews vs lake nona day one 4-26-71
st andrews vs lake nona day one 4-26-51

My first game at states: the quarter finals boys game one, St. Andrew's vs Lake Nona.

fantastic game! for the images of the game click here.

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The second game of the boys quarter finals was Belen Jesuit vs Dr. Phillips.

Glorious weather and a terrific and well fought game.

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cooper city vs olympia semi final day one-4
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Cooper City vs Olympia in the third game of the boys quarter finals - for images click here…. and enjoy a game well played!

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Someday! Someday I will, I swear, get to shoot St. Thomas during daylight hours. Just think, smooth tonal gradations, great color - I dream….

But for now, the images from the last boys quarter final game of STA - the night vision boys vs Gulliver can be found here.


Day two at Ransom Everglades :  The semi Finals and championship matches.

belen jesuit vs st. andrew's semi final-126
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St Andrews and Belen Jesuit. Two favorite teams; I'm so glad I'm not a betting man! Terrific game - my vision of it will be found here.

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The last of the semi final games. St. Thomas Aquinas vs Cooper City. The result set up the battle between the magnificent teams from Belen Jesuit and St. Thomas in the state Championships.

The boys of Cooper City played hard and fought the battle well - as they always do…. the game was exciting for me and the results are here.


Now we speed on to the final match………..

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Another season comes to an emotional close - thank God for club play so I won't go into shock. I spend so much time around chorine I'm sure I'm addicted.

I've put up some 285 photos - a lot of warm up shots and the like in an effort to get something for everyone. There are a lot for Belen, a great bunch of guys who I have neglected in the past, I plan to get to know them better and I'm looking forward to seeing them as Whitecaps .


Congratulations to St. Thomas! It was a great game between two very, very fine teams. Both teams should be proud of the verve, the spirit, the strength of their play so the "congratulations" is really shared .

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For my coverage of the girls championship game between perennial power houses Gulliver and Ransom Everglades are to be found by clicking here.