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Sunday , at last a day of rest….  unless you have been at two full days of Water Polo State Championships and have about 150G of raw digital files to download to files - process into pictures and upload to my site. 

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Not a complaint - just an explanation of why it takes time to get all the photos up. Actually, I'm rather fast at this.

Because of the complexity ( before water polo took me prisoner I would go to a baseball game or soccer game and go home and process - now, whenever I go there are two schools with two teams ) ) with districts, play ins and the number of games leading up to the championship I find myself needing to make things simpler.

I have decided to work back wards from the end of the States. Go to the top of the side bar links to the right - my fun shots underwater will be the anchor, under that the Men's Championship, followed by the Ladies - then working backward to the semi finals, the quarter finals - after that the last file is the Aquinas vs Westminster game on 4/24/12

Aquinas vs Westminster flags-8
Aquinas vs Westminster flags-4

Wow! I was scarred just to see them coming…………………  

seriously, the final score does not reflect the real abilities of Westminster - great team and I will miss them in Miami.

Each game I cover will be linked at the right.

If the game is not up yet - be patient it is coming.  

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