Privacy Rights

Working with the Israeli army - easy. Some other people - not so much!

While it is true that in areas such as sports where there is no expectation of privacy & all the photos I take are in the public domain; I want to be very clear that while I might mention, in respect of a photo, a first name to  highlight an athlete's performance - no last name or any personal information is ever given. Also, any photo, in any gallery, will be removed at request. I want this to be a community for parents and athletes to enjoy;  if anyone is uncomfortable with photography please advise.

This is a sport/art site - nothing more. No information, even game scores is ever given - win. lose or draw the photos are yours to take and keep. I have no blog, no vested interest in any opinion blog. People who might use my photos, even with consent, do not represent my opinion. This is NOT a news site and no editorial content is ever presented. I make efforts to not even embarrass an athlete ; although, that is subject to personal view and likely inevitable.

The school or booster club I'm working with is allowed to use them for year books and school newspapers - the use of any photo on this site is restricted for  commercial use. There will be no publication for gain; a coach may submit a photo to a local newspaper to secure publicity, all I require is credit and notification. There is no charge to school or paper.

I add the photo below to make one thing very clear - the names on the jerseys or  helmets are not in my control.

varsity two fine art baryta 8 by 10