Ransom Everglades Tournament 2014

ransom vs sta 4-4-14-50
ransom vs sta 4-4-14-42

Ransom Everglades hosts the best aquatic events in south Florida - not just because of the superb and well planned facilities but because of the gracious welcome that the Ransom people give their guests. Couple this with the general sophisticated ambiance of the school and there is little need for me to want to shoot anywhere else. It is just too bad that one old man can’t do it all. I shot as much as I could but that was far too little to do it justice. I know some will be disappointed and I apologize for that - the games I shot will be hot linked to the side. There are 7 in all. If there are less just check back as I’m working on them.

re vs boca 4-5-14-110
re bottom 3-1
aquinas vs gulliver 4-5-14-26